Nafplion is a beautiful town in Greece whose traditional and romantic atmosphere makes it stand out from a  typical Greek town. Its great importance in the past -being the first capital of Greece- has given Nafplion a cosmopolitan touch that can be easily observed on the first sight.

On the other hand, Nafplion has preserved the traditional atmosphere of a small Greek town, where even fast food restaurants are housed in neoclassical buildings. All of the above reasons (and much more), are why Nafplion is a highly recommended destination for alternative romantic holidays in Greece.

Even though Nafplion is quite popular among the locals, it is still unknown to the International Travel Market. The majority of Nafplion’s visitors choose to explore its historical surroundings rather than the town itself, so the town has not been developed as a tourist destination yet. 

Nafplio is suitable for all-year-round holidays, but couples tend to visit it during the summer months (June-August). Being a seaside destination, Nafplion has been developed as a summer destination and it’s actually the home of one of the best ice-cream shops in the country!

"Nafplio has many great hotels to stay but you need to be extra picky when you are on romantic holidays!"

Your hotel is going to become the reference point of your trip, so you have to choose carefully in order to ensure that you have made the right choice. The majority of the hotels in Nafplio are small and they do not stand out for their unique characteristics. They serve their main purpose as accommodations pretty well, offering tidy and spacious rooms that will make you feel comfortable, either you are a couple or not.

However, we think that you should be given to do more in the hotel than simply staying, especially when in romantic holidays. After all, this trip is devoted exclusively to you and your partner , so it is much possible that you would want to stay inside your room (and the hotel) a little bit longer, and not use it just for sleeping.

"Hotel Perivoli can become the reference point for your romantic trip in Nafplion, even without being in the town!"

  Perivoli Hotel is among the most recommended hotels for romantic holidays in Nafplion, even if it's 10 minutes driving from the town. The hotel offers a wide range of facilities and services that seduce you to stay in the hotel, while it arranges a wide range of tours and activities, which will add the adventure that your romantic trip would possibly lack.

Breath-taking Views to Remember!

Perivoli Hotel is located on top of a small hill, overlooking the village of Pirgiotika, and, if the weather allows, the sea of Tolo or Parnonas.  Just by looking at the hotel's pictures, you  can realize that it  is located in a stunning setting, ideal for romantic holidays. The hotel is literally immersed in nature, offering a great scenery that will charm both you and your partner.

Nafplion has very beautiful beaches, with crystal-clear blue waters, as well as secluded spots where you can relax with your partner. That said, you will most probably prefer staying in the hotel's main swimming pool, which is a popular hotspot for the love-birds due to its stunning views and tranquil & calming surroundings.

Of course, the swimming pool is not the only area where you have the chance to admire the stunning view. You can enjoy breathtaking views almost from everywhere in the hotel; from the hotel rooms to the restaurant!

An exclusive room for two!

Perivoli Hotel offers rooms for all kinds of travellers, from standard budget rooms to a deluxe apartment for families. The Superior Double Room is the best room for couples, standing out for its privileged location and beautiful view over the hotel's surroundings and the village.

The stunning views in combination with the luxurious facilities and amenities of the room, create a romantic ambiance that you can not find easily. The room's charming fireplace adds greatly to the romantic atmosphere of the room as well!

Al fresco Dining & Breathtaking Cocktail Drinking!

The restaurant’s great location, by the hotel’s main pool area, offers great views that will make the ideal atmosphere for your lunch and dinners. You can either enjoy al fresco dining overlooking the beautiful Greek countryside, or, when the weather is colder, you could enjoy your meal at the specially designed indoors area, complemented by a large traditional stone fireplace.

For a more private dining experience, you can take your dinner at the privacy of your own room, since the hotel offers a special menu for room service.

Either for an appetizing aperitif before your dinner or a post-dinner cocktail, you should visit the hotel’s bar, located on the 1st floor, by the reception area. The bar has a cozy and intimate atmosphere with soft lounge music on the background, where you can relax and socialize. Don’t miss to try the delicious fruity cocktails and mock-tails, which are known for their original and unique flavors!

Now that you have found out what you can do in the resort, let's discover the outdoor activities that you can do while staying in Perivoli hotel!

Have fun together, with exciting outdoor activities!

In Nafplio, you will also find various entertainment and dining venues. There are plenty of taverns, fast-food restaurants, bars and cafes around the town, where you can enjoy a coffee in the morning or an authentic Greek dinner in the evening. What you are going to love about the dining venues in Nafplion is that even fast food chains like Mc. Donald's are housed in old traditional buildings.

Culture exploration should also be part of your romantic trip in Nafplion, since there is not a better way to bond than gaining new and unique experiences while exploring the world together. Palamidi Fortress and Bourtzi Castle are the two most popular landmarks in the town. Other than these, we recommend you to visit Mycenae, Tiryns, and Epidaurus.

Perivoli hotel is ideally located, giving you the opportunity to easily discover all of the sightseeing attractions referred above. At the same time, the hotel organizes some very interesting nature and agritourism activities as well. Let's discover three great activities offered by the hotel for couples!

  1. Explore the Greek food tradition by going on an olive oil tasting or a wine tasting tour. More  especially, Argolic olive oil is one of the most distinguished Greek olive oils, and you will get the opportunity to see how it is produced, as well as taste it at its purest form.

  2. An exciting wine tour can take place at the breath-taking vineyards of Argolida,  where you will discover the local grape varieties, learn how they are grown, and see how they are later converted into wine. Of course, you will have the chance to sample some of the best wines in the region as well!
  3. Climbing is an especially beloved activity by the adventurous couples, since there are more than 250 fully organised climbing sites in the region, for both advanced and amateurs. If you have not climbed before, there are special courses curated by experienced trainers!