Maldives boasts one of the most distinctive sceneries in the world, enjoying a reputation that has crossed the seven seas. Its unique topography made up of thousands of islands, and the exotic landscape is only one of its kind, as no other destination boasts such a setting. Actually, we are lucky to be alive this time around, where global warming can still be reversed and places like the Maldives have not disappeared and we are able to admire their beauty.

Nevertheless, Maldives is a truly magical country that deserves a spot on every travelers’ bucket list. Among the numerous luxury resorts found in the Maldives, there is actually a resort that takes pride to be a bio-island paradise with white-sand beaches with turquoise waters, lush tropical foliage, and luxury facilities and services that will surprise even the most experienced travelers.

The resort is called Reethi Faru and it’s located on an intimate island in the Raa Atoll. Having intrigued our “traveler spirit”, we decided to explore Reethi Faru and everything that it has to offer. The resort truly excels in many things, with some of the most remarkable being its eco-conscious policy, its wide selection of luxury villas for all budgets, the wide diversity of activities, and the abundance of dining options.

Let us elaborate!

Staying at Reethi Faru: A rich selection of villas for all budgets and tastes!

Reethi Faru has included eight unique villa types as part of its accommodation, each of them offering an entirely different accommodation experience. The plush villas demonstrate opulence right from the entrance, and what makes them more righteous is the core principles they are built upon. Constructed using a combination of soil stabilized earthen blocks and aerated local cement blocks - both eco-friendly materials - functioning as natural heat insulators that help keep the carbon footprint as low as possible.

All villas boast a rich selection of services and facilities, as well as every room’s most bespoken feature, 100% privacy. The standard room type recommended to people who enjoy relaxing in the midst of nature is the garden villa/garden suites, set amidst lush green vegetation overlooking the gorgeous local flora.

Otherwise, for those who are more into a beachfront kind of view, the Beach Villas will satisfy their craving to gaze over the ocean as they offer a direct view over the Indian Ocean from their very own deck. They come into three versions; the “standard” deluxe beach villa and the one with a jacuzzi, which are great for couples and solo travelers. And, the one with two-bedrooms which is ideal for families and small groups of friends.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a proper Maldivian resort if there weren’t the iconic overwater villas. These villas can be found in all the resorts in the Maldives, and they provide direct access to the lagoon right from their deck. They are spacious, luxurious and the best way to enjoy your Maldives experience. For families and friends, there are also the water villa suites which are actually two water villas connected through a dinner-living room. Let's not forget that the pool villas allow guests to enjoy their floating breakfast in the privacy of their pool.

So, either you choose the garden villas with their beautiful and lush surroundings, the deluxe beach villas with their direct beachfront views, and rejuvenating jacuzzi, or the iconic & spacious water villas and pool villas with direct access to the lagoon, you are guaranteed to enjoy your vacations in luxury and comfort.

Dining & Drinking at Reethi Faru: 6 Bars & 6 Restaurants encompass the food diversity of the Maldives

Six bars and six restaurants are part of the Reethi Faru Resort, offering a 360 culinary experience to its guests any time of the day. It all starts at the airy and lively Vakaru Restaurant, the resort’s main restaurant, where you can enjoy a variety of international and local dishes in sumptuous buffets. This is where you are going to enjoy your meals in case you go, half board, full board, or all-inclusive.

On the same note, you will be able to satisfy your cravings any time of the day at the 24-hour Dhiyavaru Over-Water Restaurant, featuring a rich a la carte menu of light snacks and our favorite classic food like burgers, pasta, and pizza. For a unique dining experience, whatsoever, Reethi Grill is where to head to, as there you will be able to taste delicious grill dishes right on the beach, near a heart-warming bonfire. For couples, there is also the option for a fully private and romantic dinner at the Huvandhu Garden. Let's not forget, the Veggie and Vegan restaurant will become the favorite place to be for all the vegan guests. 

As per the drinking options, for a quick coffee, fresh juice, or a quick snack during the day, Raathu Café is the place to seek out for. For a boozy cocktail or a strong spirit, you may choose between a selection of wonderful bars like the Sunset bar that stands out for its stunning sunset views, the Veyo Bar for the health-conscious travelers, Nala Bar for its private setting, or Thari Bar known for its wonderful, exotic setting. the main bar of the resort is Haruge, which goes beyond midnight and offers entertainment (DJs, movies, Quiz Nights, etc.).

Activities & Excursions at Reethi Faru: A all-encompassing package to fill your days with excitement

In the Maldives, you might have lots of time to spare, but that’s not the case in Reethi Faru. The resort has included a splendid diversity of activities and excursions that will fill your days on the island with fun activities in nature and new adventures. Like, for example, Reethi Faru’s water sports center offers you the opportunity to enjoy all sorts of water sports at Indian Ocean’s waters like flyboarding, canoe, SUP, seabob, kitesurfing, jet ski, parasailing, and more.

Of course, your Maldives holidays shall not be complete unless you go scuba-diving. Maldives’ underwater environment is rich and diverse and exploring it is a must-do.   Reethi Faru has included a diving school so that both beginners and experienced divers can get to experience the extraordinary beauty of Maldives’ coral beefs, tropical fish, and the lush undersea vegetation, unique to this area. Don’t miss to take the special photography package that is offered in order to take captivating snapshots for your Instagram!

Finally, as per the exploration part, there is a wonderful menu of excursions that includes from sandbank excursions to sunset sailing, the scenery of Reethi Faru, moonlight sailing, dolphin safaris, parasailing, glass-bottom boat tours, catamaran, night snorkeling, manta diving, excursions, even traditional fishing. As you have already understood, seven days are not enough to explore everything Reethi Faru has to offer, so you might need to adjust your schedule after all.

Spa at Reethi Faru: Luxury Spa Facilities that boost Wellbeing & Serenity

Your holidays in the Maldives will be relaxing by default; you will be literally relaxing on a beach most of the time of your days. But, there is always room for more self-pampering, and this is where Reethi Faru’s spa comes into the game. With an exceptional array of facilities to luxuriate in like the steam room, the sauna, the jacuzzi, and the relaxation area, and a well-packed and diverse menu of therapies, massages, and treatments, it’s only natural to try it!

So, the treatments are plenty and diverse, you can check out the menu here. What we would recommend, however, is going with one of the special packages. You will find from a 1h40 hours up to 5 days package; it all depends on how much you would like to invest in it. We were particularly impressed with the 3 days packages, thus recommend it, which includes a choice of body scrub and Swedish Massage, the Coconut Spa Signature Experience, and a Natural Asian Facial and Foot Reflexology to complete the experience.

If you are a couple, however, we recommend going for one of the special romantic packages like the Chocolate Package, or the Paradise Package. Regardless of our recommendations, if you would like specific, like a massage at the beginning of your holidays (highly recommended) you can choose from a rich menu, all of which hit the right spot for relaxation.

An Eco-Conscious Policy that completes the package

Finally, we can’t conclude the article without stressing the eco-conscious attitude of Reethi Faru. These guys do an excellent job on this part, as they have managed to power more than half of the resort's needed electricity with solar power (they have over 4000 solar panels installed on the resort’s roof for that), hot water is produced using heat exchanges, the main source of water is seawater that is desalinated through the resort’s Reverse Osmosis plant.

Most of the wastewater generated is treated on the island in the resort’s sewage treatment plant. While all the food waste is converted into biogas used for cooking purposes. The resort has also its mushroom farm and hydroponic garden, how cool is that? And, of course, Reethi Faru supports greatly the marine conservation of the area, actively helping on the coral restoration, turtle conservation, and manta conservation. In case you are interested, you can always participate in sustainability actions with activities like beach cleaning, tree plantation, and coral adoption. 

  Reethi Faru is a true paradise for everyone, including marine life and natural habitats, and this is why everyone should support resorts like this. We highly recommend you check out more information about the resort here, and highly consider booking if you are planning to visit the Maldives because not only you will enjoy a premium stay, but also contribute to the guys’ excellent work.