2020 is here and another year for exploration is laid before you. It's the best period to start planning your upcoming journeys, and, maybe, set a goal to visit a foreign country each month, even if it's only for a short weekend-break. Feeling confused at this point is totally normal, and you definitely a guide on which cities, villages and islands you should visit every month.

Finding the seasonality of each destination is quite tricky, so we decided to make it easier for you and created this full guide that will help you find the best destinations to visit based on every month.

January | Let it Snow

Photo by Federico Bottos on Unsplash

January finds most European countries white in snow. From Greece to England and Switzerland to Finland, the weather is cold with heavy snow falls upon many regions and villages. It's the best month for ski lovers and couples who are search for a romantic lodge to relax by the fireplace with a glass of wine.

The wooden chalets of Switzerland are awaiting to host your most romantic and enticing moments of the year. Or, you could simply grab your best friend and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate while looking the snow from your window. The Northern Lights in Finland are also mesmerizing to watch during this month and the landscape is more stunning than ever.

On the other hand, if you carve for some winter sun, you should opt for Andalucia, where the temperature can reach 20 degrees, while rainfalls are rare.

February | Valentine's Day

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February is a great month, ideal for romantic holidays with your other half. Let your present for Valentine's Day this year be a journey that you have never been before. Paris is the ultimate destination to spend your February romantic vacations with mouthwatering French delights as well as stunning views over Eiffel Tower.

For some serious winter sports, you should head to Norway. For sightseeing and walks in historical streets, you should opt for Rome. For a fabulous carnaval with intense parades, pageants and performances of all kinds, you should visit Lisbon in Portugal. Last but not least, for stunning natural landscapes, you should visit Leiden, whose canals will be frozen and people ice skate all around the city.

March | Smells like Spring

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As the weather is getting warmer and the landscape turns into green, the carving for summer fun is slowly digging into us. This is the month of events, like the St. Patrick's Day Parade, the life-size puppets' parade in Spain, and the citrus-inspired carnival in South France. It's also the most peculiar month, weather-wise, since the weather is quite unpredictable.

Your traveling should happen at the second quarter of March, when the weather is slightly better. Prefer to visit one of the above referred destinations to attend inspiring events, or prefer the countryside. The flowers start blooming and it's a great period to observe the natural cycle of life.

April | Culture & Sightseeing

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The weather is mild, neither too hot nor too cold and the most popular European cities are not overcrowded with people. This is, maybe, the best month to go sightseeing in popular destinations like Rome, Athens, Barcelona, Berlin etc. Walking is bearable at this point and if you are visiting one of the above cities, you are going to do lots of it.

Since it's not high season yet, you will find many amazing deals and much decreased room rates. If you are lucky, you might find a couple of interesting events to attend as well. Either way, your sightseeing and culture exploration trip will cycle flawlessly.

May | Sun-showered Landscapes

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May finds most of Europe green and sun-showered. It's the best time to visit the European countryside and admire the imposing landscapes covered in green. Lakes are unfrozen and their crystal-clear waters reflect on their surroundings. The volcanic landscape of Iceland will seduce you with its rich history, beautiful glaciers and mesmerizing Northern Lights.

The historical Granada City in Spain features a Moorish quarter, a 16th-century cathedral and a prominent university that are worthy to explore. At the land of pizza and good wine, Italy, Amalfi Town stands tall with its medieval architecture and picturesque port. Lastly, the traditional Swiss resort of Interlaken offers a great amount of sports like skiing, hiking and mountain rail journeys.

June | It's already summer

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June is the first month of the Mediterranean Holidays Season. The weather is now warm and the beaches start warming up as well. Europeans crave for this summer sun and many of them storm out at the beaches to sunbathe and (the ones with tougher skin) swim. The best country for swimming is Cyprus, whose close proximity to Africa results in very warm beaches and hot weather.

Malta is another great country to visit with beautiful beaches and famous historic sites. Don't miss to swim at the stunning blue lagoon, visit the cool Popeye Village and explore the ancient fortifications of Valletta. 

July | Hot weather with medium seasonality

Photo by Ishan @seefromthesky on Unsplash

Many consider July the best month to visit Europe since it's hot with very warm beaches and small crowds. You might also find various hotel offers if you are a good searcher. Mediterranean countries are on the spotlight once again, with Greece, Italy, Spain, Cyprus and Portugal being the most popular. 

August | Europe at its hottest

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This is the peak summer month for Europe and most of the cities bear temperatures up to 40C. Avoid at all costs all the European capitals and prefer mild Mediterranean destinations, including islands and seaside towns. It's a great month to go on a boat tour in the Mediterranean or Ionian Sea, and visit Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal, and some parts of France. 

Moreover, August finds most European destinations crowded with tourists while it's the most difficult month to find any good rates. Hotels in very popular destinations like Crete and Santorini in Greece have no availability at all, so it's highly recommended to book 2 months prior to visiting.

September | It's still summer

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August's blazing hot days are long gone, however, sun is still prominent all through Europe. The beaches are still warm enough for swimming, and people storm out to sunbathe and swim. For many, this is the ideal month for summer vacations since you get to avoid summer's large tourist crowds.

For a diverse landscape of beaches, snow-capped mountains, rain forests, lush valleys and volcanoes, you should opt for the huge Kona Island in Hawaii. The renowned Oktoberfest festival that attracts millions of visitor every year makes Munich a particularly attractive destination as well. For beautiful beaches, ancient sites, medieval castles and authentic Greek beauty, Rhodes is the only choice for you.

October | Autumn means new beginnings

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October means the official beginning of a new season for Europe. The leaves start turning into a color of brown, however green is prominent through the continent. The weather is great for outdoor activities like cycling, hiking and other water-based activities in the Mediterranean countries. Major European cities like Rome are also great for sightseeing and exploring.

October is also the best month to see the Northern Lights in Iceland, grab a late summer tan in Crete, explore the ancient palaces and castles of Lisbon, and admire the ghost riddled castles, gothic churches and isolated medieval towns of Romania.

November | Wild Truffle Hunting

Photo by Fernando Maté on Unsplash

Winter finds Europe cold and rainy, with unpredictable weather conditions. Of course, the opportunity for some winter sun is always available for those who are searching it. Tenerife has a mild climate with a steady temperature above 20C and pretty rare temperature drops. Greece is also sunny but various break-outs are to be expected.

Lisbon is another destination with mild climate, rich culture and a cool nightlife to have fun. Toulouse, which was recently crowned one of the best French cities to live in, is ideal to explore the multi-dimensional French gastronomy. It's also a great period to go for mushrooms hunting at the nearby Perigord region that is reputed for its black truffles. 

December | Ho, Ho, Ho 

December is heavily linked with one celebration and it's, of course, Christmas and New Year's Eve. All European destinations have put on their Christmas outfits by mid December, while many Christmas Markets operate through the month. It's a great season to go skiing, or visit a big city like London to celebrate the coming of the new year with fireworks and plenty of fun.

If you are particularly fond of Christmas Markets, then Vienna is the only place for you to be this month. There are many Christmas Markets in Vienna, with the Viennese Dream Christmas Market being the most popular one. For festive events and intense celebrations, opt for London, Paris, Rome, and Brussels.

These are the best destinations to visit around the world based on the month that you are visiting. Do you agree with the above list? If you want to add more destinations, or if you disagree with a destination, let us know with a message on our Facebook!