We know that as a newlywed couple, you want to start out your journey together in a place where time slows down and where all that matters is you and your loved one enjoying each other’s company. But it can be hard knowing where you and your loved one should jet off to and there’s a lot of pressure to get it right! 

Honeymoons are an important stepping stone for newlyweds – they provide an opportunity for a couple to create an experience that will set the tone for the rest of their lives. After the hectic wedding planning, we bet that you’ll be looking for a quiet slice of paradise, with an endless list of refreshing drinks, plentiful sun, rose-petal covered beds and true relaxation. Well, look no further: A Maldivian honeymoon will certainly provide you with the ultimate honeymoon experience to take home unforgettable memories!

The gist of the Maldives!

Maldives is situated close to the Equator of the Indian Ocean approximately 700km south-west of Sri Lanka and so it sees plenty of sunshine throughout the year! Transportation consists of ferries, domestic flights and sea planes that will allow you to island-hop, explore various sights and embark on excursions. Although plenty of its islands remain uninhabited, the islands are generally organized with resorts that provide exceptionally comfortable accommodation. Expect incredible views of the vibrant turquoise Indian ocean, ultimate privacy and secluded sandy beaches.

Need another excuse to keep your hands on you partner? As the Maldives sees plenty of sun, we recommend bringing plenty of high-factor sunblock with you to apply regularly throughout the day.  Particularly if you're travelling in the Dry Season (December to April). 

Check in at Centara Grand Island Resort and Spa Maldives!

Fly into Alifu Atoll from Valena Internation Airport with Centara Grand Island Resort and Spa’s sea plane or domestic flight. As you travel closer to paradise, you'll see the Maldives from a bird-eye point of view that will leave you breathless! Upon your check-in journey, you will also notice all the stunning water villas are neatly lined up across the surrounding crystal-clear water.

After check-in, why not nestle up to your loved one with a glass of wine inside your Water-villa and notice the variety of sea life at the feet of your very own private terrace or plunge pool!

You may also pamper yourself with the exceptionally impressive inclusive packages at Centara Grand Island Resort and Spa, perfect for couples looking for the ultimate Maldives Honeymoon package price. The package includes phenomenal meals, which entitlement outlets are at the Reef Restaurant (All day dining restaurant), Azurri Mare Restaurant (Italian restaurant), Suan Bua Restaurant (Thai restaurant) and Teppanyaki Grill station (Reef restaurant). In addition to this, inclusive of your Maldives Honeymoon Package are soothing daily massages and a mini bar in your room stocked with lots of goodies, including 2 bottles of your preferred wine daily.

Get down under and explore Maldives’ tropical reefs!

If you’re wondering what there is to do, the rich sea life is Maldives’ best feature and a magical activity for you and your partner to try together. Snorkelers and Divers will be delighted to hear that it ranks in the top 5 destinations to watch whales and dolphins. If you decide to visit in the dry season, the coral reefs' visibility is high, so you can explore the underwater life of over 1000 coral islands! 

Have your very own sea-adventure under the arrangement of Centara Grand Resort & Spa's trips to the best dive sites of the Maldives. Explore the thrilling channels, colourful undersea hills and mysterious caves. 

We recommend visiting Manta Bay to swim with giant sea creatures like the whale or hammerhead shark. However, do note that there are greater numbers in the Wet Season, May to November. You may even stumble across a white shark!

Get out of the bedroom and try a new kind of activity with your loved one...

With all the serious romancing going on, why not have some fun and let loose by trying out some water sports with your partner? Whilst still enjoying the beauty of the ocean, you can attempt sports like parasailing or surfing! Appreciate the escape from boring daily activities splashing around with your partner in pristine turquoise waters.

Unwind and enjoy lavish spa treatments!  

Spend a day at Spa Cenvaree and partake in their Ultimate-All-Inclusive experience. You may enjoy the daily credit of $100 to redeem various lush treatments including body scrubs, Indian head massages and body massages. There is also a Mr. and Mrs Honeymoon Spa Package available if you wish to go all out. 

Choose the couples room at no extra charge for the ultimate joint treatment experience.

Catch your own dinner by Sunset-Fishing!

There is nothing more rewarding than catching your own dinner. Plenty of resorts organise fishing trips with traditional Dhoni fish boats; they even show you how to fish with a simple line and hook.

Take your catch to Centara Grand Island Resort & Spa’s kitchen and they will happily prepare it for your dinner.

Have a private beach dinner with a view of the iridescent Maldivian sunset!

Gaze into each other’s eyes amidst glowing heart shaped lights, and dance by the moonlight whilst a private a chef caters to yours and your partner’s stomachs. Centara Grand Island Resort and Spa provides newlyweds with the ultimate romantic experience of a private beach dinner. It would certainly make for a lovely surprise for your partner, especially if you bring your afternoon catch along for dinner! 

Just go for it!

Although couples on a tight budget may feel nervous about the luxury price that comes with this destination, the isolated sunset moments across palm-tree backdrops are scenes that will remain in yours and your partner’s mind for a lifetime… and that’s something you really can’t put a price on. 

To begin planning your Maldives honeymoon, check booking availability at  Centara Grand Island Resort & Spa or click below to visit the hotel's website.