Rhodes' culinary dishes are highly varied in flavours that surpass the traditional ingredients of rich olive oil, local meat, fish and wheat. Religious holidays and special occasions influence the local cuisine, therefore, you can expect something different every time you visit! These holidays or religious dates also influence the types of ingredients that are incorporated. However, Rhodes also combines modern cooking techniques and international influences which are evident in their menu, based on local recipes. Herbs and vegetables such as avocado and arugula are prime examples of this.  

Local dishes that can be discovered in Rhodes span from starters like Wild Asparagus cooked with oil, onions and dressed with a sauce made up of flour and lemon juice. Popular local mains include homemade pasta that is with lentils or lamb chops cooked with rice and cinnamon. 

As if Rhodes' exciting, traditional cuisine wasn't enough,  this Greek island is also home to a spectrum of restaurants that cater to almost every type of dining experience!  In this guide, we'll run through the top hotel restaurants in Rhodes so you can make the most of the exciting cuisine!

A breakfast buffet that'll make you come back for more | Ambrosia Restaurant, Esperos Palace

When travelling abroad, it's vital that the breakfast options are varied to keep your mornings interesting! Ambrosia Restaurant at   Esperos Palace Hotel provides a large open buffet breakfast that uses high-quality ingredients and has a variety of vegetarian options available too.  Eat a healthy breakfast poolside as you catch the first morning rays with delicious homemade yoghurt and freshly squeezed orange juice.

Authentic Greek Meze |  "Kafenion"  Greek Ouzeri Restaurant, Esperos Mare Resort

Since you're in Greece, you have got to try local recipes!  As you'll most likely go all out for dinner, we recommend a light lunch, especially since temperatures rise midday. Get to know Rhodes' local cuisine by enjoying a selection of cold and hot meze style dishes at "Kafenion" Greek Ouzeri at    Esperos Mare Resort. Enjoy this with a glass of ouzo tinkling with ice and you'll be living up your Greek vacation in style! 

Fine Dining amongst Candlelight | Castello a la Carte Bar & Restaurant, Esperos Palace Resort 

A fine dining experience should be a key feature to your Greek vacation.  Castello a la Carte Bar & Restaurant allows one to enjoy the intimate, candlelight atmosphere where you can cosy up to your loved ones. The   Esperos Palace Hotel's restaurant provides an extensive menu that will satisfy everyone, including those with special dietary requirements. We recommend reserving a table by the pool to enjoy the view of the mesmerising blue water with friends for a more private dining experience. 

Woo your lover under the starry night sky | Panorama Roof Garden, Esperos Village Blue & Spa

An unbeatable dining setting is, of course, a rooftop restaurant that's going to provide you with panoramic views. If you seek exclusive, romantic views that'll leave your partner stunned under the stars, we suggest dinner at the Panorama Roof Garden Restaurant.  Located in   Esperos Village Blue & Spa, Esperos Village Blue & Spa, in the vibrant town of Filaraki, you'll be enchanted by the views of the surrounding hills and sandy bays as you tuck into dishes inspired by local cuisine.  

For the Fast and Furious | Casino Lounge Bar, Esperos Mare Resort

For those who prefer an alternative dining experience and wish to opt for a lighter load on the stomach, why not test your wild side at the Casino Lounge Bar. The casino is decorated with deconstructed motorbikes and vintage 60's wall pieces at   Esperos Mare Resort, Become part of the animated fun as entertainers create a vibrant evening atmosphere or become a spectator of all the fun from the terrace and enjoy the sea views.  Compliment your relaxed evening dining experience with the light buffet and a variety of drinks. 

The ultimate Romantic Evening with your loved one | Afrodite Piano Bar & Restaurant, Esperos Village Blue & Spa

With this endless choice, you needn't worry about planning where to eat and when. Covering breakfast, lunch and dinner, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the tantalising flavours at Esperia Group Resorts. All located within a short distance of each other, it is incredibly easy to experiment and try all types of dining experiences, every day.  To begin planning your Rhodes gourmet dining experience, check booking information by clicking on the links to the resorts above or check directly at Esperia Group Resorts website.