Kythnos is a beautiful island located in the Cyclades, Greece. It's only one and a half hours away from Athens, the country's capital, and the 2nd closest Cyclades Island to Athens (only after Kea). It boasts a wild and rocky landscape, with limited vegetation, offering clear views to the sea from every corner of the island.

Its diversity of beaches will impress any beach lover. Almost all beaches feature crystal clear waters and white sand, while most of them are unorganized and undeveloped. Whether you prefer skinny dips at secluded coves or the comfort and service offered at the various beach bars, your days in Kythnos will revolve around the sea.

Don't miss to visit Kolona Beach, which is actually a strip of golden sand that connects the islet of Agios Loukas with Kythnos. It's one of the most beautiful beaches on the island and a must-visit for any traveler!

There are two reasons why we picked Kythnos. The tailor-made experience you can find at Porto Klaras and the nature of the island (being able to visited by all kinds of gay travelers).

Porto Klaras Hotel - an experience made for you

Porto Klaras Hotel offers a modern and minimal design that blends perfectly with the traditional Cycladic architecture. Its unique construction plus super friendly atmosphere make it one of the best hotels to stay in Kythnos.

Special credit goes to the hotel's location - it's in Loutra, one of the most beautiful villages in Kythnos. It is also very close to two golden-sand beaches, outdoor thermal waters, a scuba diving center, local taverns, and beautiful cafe-bars by the beach.

However, what makes this hotel so unique is that it offers a personalized experience that you will find nowhere else on the island. The hotel's staff will take care of all your needs - saving you much time and effort. But, what exactly will they do for you?        

From arranging your taxi transfers from Athens Airport to the main ports of Lavrio & Piraeus, to taking care of your ferry tickets, your trip will be fully arranged by Porto Klaras Hotel. They will even book you a room in cases you want to stay one day or two before visiting Kythnos.

The hotel can take care of your car rental, so, upon your arrival, it will be waiting you at the port. If you're not fond of driving, the hotel can arrange transfers on the island. You can discover the island's sights and villages with a private tour, since the owner knows the island inside-out. The host will be available to inform you about the most popular things to do on the island whenever you need. Lastly, they can also organize your tour in Athens and Sounio. +private hiking

All of the above services, combined with the premium staying that the hotel offers, will create the most carefree holidays you have ever experienced.

Let's discover how each type of gay traveler can spend their gay vacations in Kythnos:

Single Gay Traveler - sun, sea and sand

Single Gay travelers who want to relax and devote some time to themselves absolutely love Kythnos. The island provides plenty of opportunities for relaxation and recreation in unspoiled surroundings. Finding secluded spots by the beach is very easy, so there’s every chance that could end up sunbathing on a white-sand pristine beach all by yourself

If you are searching alternative holidays with a chance of gay nightlife, you will love Kythnos. Kythnos might not feature any gay venues, however Athens, the capital of Greece, is only 2 hours away. Porto Klaras hotel will take care your ferry tickets and accommodation, so you will just have to hop on the boat and enjoy your short gay trip in Athens.

Kythnos is mostly visited in July and August, so this is the best month enjoy Chora's nightlife and socialize with other men!

Gay Couples - craving peace and quiet

Like many Cyclades Islands, Kythnos also stand stands out for its picture-perfect Cycladic setting ideal for romantic honeymoons and marriages. The island is unique, offering plenty of experiences.

If you are planning to get married on Kythnos, you can either have a civil wedding at the town hall or an Orthodox ceremony in a small chapel overlooking the Aegean.The island boasts 65 sandy beaches and coves; why not arrange your private wedding on one of them?

No matter your preferences, contact Porto Klaras and they will willingly help you!

Gay Family - sandy beaches and family activities 

One thing that Kythnos offers in plenty is memories. Gay families rejoice since the open-minded attitude of Kythnos and the countless activities that you can do on it will result in plenty family-bonding times with your children. So, devote these vacations to your loved ones!

Spend an evening at the Thermal Springs of Loutra which will surely rejuvenate you and impress your children. Chora, the capital of Kythnos, has plenty of picturesque narrow streets and hidden paths dating back to the 17th century which you can all discover. Pay a visit at the Monastery of Panagia and show to your children new cultures and religions.

On the northern side of Kythnos, you will find the imposing Castle of Oria, with its stunning walls and residences that survive till today. Spend an evening at Merihas, Kythnos' port, drinking juice and watching the sunset. Lastly, visit the traditional village of Agios Dimitrios in South Kythnos and eat "kopsidia" (grilled meat) at its taverns.

Gay Friends - forget Mykonos, Kythnos is the new trend!

In an era of stress and anxiety, we are all in need of relaxing holidays to soothe our minds. Relaxing vacations in peaceful destinations is the new "must", with more and more people searching for wild locations, untouched by human, to spend their vacations.

If you are still searching for a place whose vibes will refresh you, a place where your eyes will take a break from the busy city life, somewhere to inhale fresh, clean air, you found it. Just take your best friends with you and it's guaranteed that your holidays will be as fabulous as anywhere else!

Gay Kythnos - Kythnos for everyone!

Whether you are a gay family, single traveler, couple, or a group of friend, it is guaranteed that you are going to love Kythnos. Don't overthink it, just   book at Porto Klaras and the Kythnos experience will open to you!