Myanmar (or Burma, as it is also known) is located in the Southeast Asia and has a very rich history and culture, dating from the prehistoric era.  Like most countries of the broader Asia, Myanmar does not feature an organized ‘gay life’. Actually, being gay is still illegal according to local laws, however, homophobic incidents are very rare in the country. The locals are generally very friendly and open, and you can easily meet other homosexual people, especially in the larger cities.

Actually, in Myanmar, a small gay community does exist, even though it is not that open. However, there are some places where the LGBT community can socialize without facing any strict prohibitions. The gay festival in Taungbyone, which lasts for 6 days and people gather to celebrate Taungbyone nats (spirit mediums), is a very popular event among homosexual locals and tourists.

In 2012, the first gay pride festival took place in Burma celebrating gay rights and the International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia. Followed by the first unofficial gay marriage in Yangon in March 2014 as well as the proposal to legalize homosexuality by Aung San Suu Kyi. The first LGBT Film Festival in Myanmar took place in Novemeber of 2014 and it was quite successful as it gathered more than 1,500 people on that time.

FAB is a monthly gay party for Lesbians, Gay, Transexuals and Bisexuals organised by Gay Yangon Events taking place at the club Mojo with an entrance fee of 2000 Kyat or 1,50 euro and a free shot. Visit Myanmar for an unforgettable exotic experience with your partner or an adventurous trip with your friends. Discover the beautiful nature of the country, explore the fascinating local gastronomy and enjoy the exotic character of the area. Myanmar is an excellent, alternative choice for your holidays or for your honeymoon, that will enrich your travelling memories!

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