Spend your time in Lisbon, Portugal like a local, by following five simple steps concerning food, dress code, places and engaging in local activities!

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Act like you belong

Roam Lisbon like you were born there. Avoid the crowded streets full of tourists and take a shortcut to your destination through an alley. You get the chance to walk through colorful neighborhoods locals know well, with buildings covered in tile next to walls with gems of street art. Talk 'Perfavor' for please and 'Obrigado' for thank you, smile, be friendly and be relaxed, like you belong! As far as the language is concerned, Portuguese people speak English fluently so you can avoid pretending at this point :P

 Lisbon | Travel by Interest


Dress like you're a Lisbon street style blogger!

It is only natural that to act like a local, you need to look like one! Ok, we cannot modify your genetics, but picking the right outfits for the right places is essential. Ostentation and boasting is not appreciated, so be down to earth, yet you can try bold prints to reflect your personality or avoid them for a more quiet look. A trendy Lisbon citizen knows how to keep the balance, not too “business' dressed nor too slouchy. Men like tailored trousers with breeze shirts and you'll notice ladies liking wedges and other heel type shoes paired with flair skirts but with neat and nice tops. So casual outfits with tailored details, always keeping the balance, is the key.

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 Lisbon | Travel by Interest


Eat like you learned these foods from your Grandma!

Food may be the most pleasing of all experiences when traveling! It's always exciting to try new things, so you cannot miss to treat yourself and eat like a Portuguese resident, enjoying a familiar dish! Be well informed and walk in that restaurant in Alfama, with confidence and don't even ask for a menu. Ask for the usual sardines, this marinated delight is a favorite amongst locals and one you'll definitely enjoy. Pair it with light white wine, like 'Antao Vaz' and don't go for the mainstream Porto! Remember you're a local! In case you wish for something more quick and easy, go for 'Alheira', the local sausages or 'Bifana', the delicious sandwich Lisboans love to have as a snack. When having a sweet tooth, what could be better than a 'Pastel de Nata' home made tart? And let's not forget a light evening drink, in this case an authentic Portuguese Imperial Beer, maybe accompanied with 'Petiscos' (traditional tapas).

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Go to places you would go if you were a local!

A Lisbon resident likes to take a walk in Bairro Alto on a Sunday evening or visit a flea market to find gems for their next décor upgrade or a unique gift for a friend, and so do you! Escape the famous route of no48 tram while exploring deeper in the back streets and passages of Alfama. Don't even try to grab a map, you will get lost anyway, but don't act like you're lost. Peacefully enjoy the scenic alleys and don't worry, eventually, you'll find your way out. Afterwards, head for that area between Belem and downtown, you know, the hipster district; LX Factory. It will amaze you and make you feel like this is where you used to hang out after class, when a student in Lisbon, taking selfies with your mates with the cool graffiti's as a backdrop or lounging at artsy cafes.

Lisbon | Travel by Interest 


Have fun and do stuff!

People in Lisbon like to engage in different activities, such as having a picnic on a hill with a view, the so-called 'Miradouros'. Have your relaxed meal at 'Miradouro da Nossa Senhora do Monte' and enjoy the scenery. If vacationing during summer, apart from visiting the sandy beaches of Lisbon, get yourself engaged in some water-sport activities! If you like to party, head for 'Cais do Sodre' or 'Santos' for some cool bars to have a drink or two, and to socialize! Acquiring a local friend will help you get even more involved in the lively city of Lisbon! So, start your trip now by booking a hotel and ticket, and let us know how you did with all the above steps!