Recently broke up with your boyfriend and craving for a singles' gay travel adventure with your besties? Or, simply want to escape your daily routine with a fun trip? After all, nothing beats a gay adventure with your besties and, if you have never done this before, you should definitely include it in your 2020's bucket list. 

Many would opt for a gay-popular destination for that kind of gay vacations likes Paris, New York, Bangkok, etc. However, we believe that choosing a more alternative destination will give you more unique experiences to remember. And such destination is Sumba Island in Indonesia. It's one of the lesser Sunda Islands and it's known as the paradise-like island of Indonesia.

Let's discover Sumba Island, as well as a luxury resort on the island that will become the perfect nest to escape during your gay vacations with your besties.

Sumba Island | The beauty of an Exotic Island, just less crowded!

Beautiful beaches, an abundance of unique outdoor activities, and a gorgeous landscape await you at the stunning Sumba Island of East Nusa Tenggara. It's highly recommended for couples, friends and families, while it's an excellent option for solo adventures as well - it's the perfect resort for everyone! So, wanna explore the Indonesian culture and create some memorable moments that you will treasure for a lifetime? Sumba Island is the perfect getaway for you.

Now, in order to make the best of your gay solo experience on Sumba Island, you have to be quite picky on the accommodation, as choosing the right hotel/resort will greatly impact your vacations. Well, we researched (like, FBI Researched) and found the best resort to stay during your Indonesian Gay Solo Experience. Its name?   Lelewatu Resort Sumba. Meet the ultimate resort for Single Gay Travelers in Indonesia.

Lelewatu Resort Sumba | The Ultimate Resort for Gay Single Travelers

Overlooking the majestic Indian Ocean, Lelewatu is a luxury resort that makes you feel like a proper king. Its gay-friendly attitude, alongside the diversity of facilities (which are of high-quality as well), create the perfect setting to lay back and enjoy the most exciting holidays of your life. Because there isn't a better way to forget your cheating ex than a seafood dinner of mouthwatering king-size prawns while overlooking the ocean, or a deeply relaxing deep-tissue massage with silky natural oils.

So, we shall first discover what you can do inside Lelewatu Resort Sumba, and then we can discover more things to do as single gay travellers around Sumba Island.

Holidays is when you are able to eat to your heart's content without thinking what your dietitian has to say

You are on vacations, or to be more precise, you are single and you are on a gay trip with your besties. Eating should become part of your routine on this island. And, thankfully, Lelewatu is proud home of two wonderful restaurants, Le Humba and Bokosawu.

Le Humba will introduce you to the delicious Sumbanese and Indonesian cuisine, with a diversity of mouthwatering dishes made with locally produced fruits, vegetables, seafood and meats. Just make sure that grilled lobster has extra garlic sauce on it!

Bomowasu is more like a lounge-bar/restaurant. It's the perfect place to unwind while overlooking the shimmering sea view, sipping exotic cocktails, while sampling on a delicious gourmet menu. Seafood is on the spotlight here as well - hey, stop complaining, you are on an island after all - but the presentation is totally Instagram-worthy. Being single has so many perks after all.

And now, it's time for some relaxation

Your gay singles' trip won't be complete unless you enjoy a relaxing (and, definitely refreshing) massage at Lelewatu's gorgeous spa and wellness center. The best thing is that you don't have to do anything, just lay back and leave yourself to the hands of the therapists. And, don't forget - all therapies can be customized to your needs, so you can enjoy them in any way you would like to. Lastly, as the spa room has a capacity of 4 people, you and your besties can actually enjoy your massage together!

Things to do on Sumba Island

Now that we have uncovered the Lelewatu Experience, let's discover the best things to do on Sumba Island. Firstly, Sumba Island is found off the coasts of Bali, so day trips to the most Instagrammable place on earth is a must. There you will also find a developed gay nightlife, so you can spend a night or two there, exploring the "local culture".

Of course, there are plenty things to do on Sumba Island as well. First and foremost, we recommend exploring its countless pristine, white-sand beaches, where you can sunbathe and dive into their turquoise-color waters. Another great activity is to visit the traditional village Kampung Ratenggaro, where you can take a glimpse of the Indonesian tradition.

Other major points of attraction include Weekuri Lake in Southwest Sumba, known for its shallow waters and emerald hue under the sun. Waingapu is the largest town on the island, with a wonderful Night Market with little cafes and street food stalls. Lastly, you can pay a visit to ASir Terjun Lapopu, an amazing waterfall that lies in the Wanokaka area.

So, waste no other moment thinking about it, just pack your sunglasses, your favorite speedo, and take your friends to the most exciting trip of your lives.