At the western coast of Southern Thailand in the Andaman Sea lies the wonderful Singapore-sized, Phuket Island. Also known as the “pearl of the Andaman”, Phuket stands out for its lush tropical environment, friendly locals, sandy and turquoise-water beaches, and delicious seafood dishes. What makes Phuket even more appealing is its “ability” to cater to a wide range of budgets and preferences, attracting lots of travelers every year.

In order to seize the day and explore Phuket thoroughly, you will need plenty of energy. Well, is there a better way to get that energy than a sumptuous, healthy and nutritious breakfast? We think not. This is why we have found a hotel in Phuket, that has paid special attention to its breakfast, including both local dishes and international favorites. Its name? The Boathouse Phuket. Location?  Near Kata Beach. Let's discover it!

Rise & Shine at the Boathouse Phuket!

The buffet breakfast of   the Boathouse Phuket is separated into 12 categories. Twelve categories of tasty delicacies that will only make you crave for more. First things first, you will need something to drink. The Squeezed & Pressed Station is there to ease your thirst, with a wide diversity of freshly squeezed fruit juices, vegetable juices and smoothies. The healthy juices rotate daily, and they are made of orange, grapefruit, apple, watermelon, raspberry, mango, banana, pineapple and honey melon.

Then, comes the Tossed Together section. At this section, you will find salads and their condiments, dressings, cereal and granola, dried nuts, dried fruits, and a variety of fresh milks. Go full vegie with a standard mixed green salad, which you can top with a diversity of condiments like kalamata olives, green olives, sun-dried tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, grilled marinated portobello mushrooms, marinated grilled red pepper and grilled eggplants.

For dressings, you can choose among French dressing, citrus vinaigrette, honey mustard dressing, balsamic dressing and Thai dressing. Another healthy option would be the cereal, or homemade granola with dried fruits and nuts, which you can enjoy with yoghurt or with fresh full cream or low-fat milk.

The Sliced, the Diced, and the Spread!

At this section, you will find a selection of smoked fish like the Scottish smoked salmon and smoked mackerel. A selection of two charcuterie with condiments that rotate daily. A delicious platter with sliced salami Milano, beef pepperoni, mortadella with pistachios and turkey ham, accompanied by two condiments that could be the caper berry, pickled onion, gherkin, lemon wedges, sour cream and cream cheese.

Five types of fresh cut fruits are also available, and they can range from watermelon, honey melon, rock melon, pineapple, papaya, to dragon fruit and other seasonal tropical fruits.

Farmer’s Connect

At Farmer’s Connect, you will find a daily selection of four delicious cheeses like Camembert, brie, comte, ricotta, gorgonzola, emmental and taleggio. A daily selection of two homemade yoghurts will be also at your full disposal like plain yoghurt, low fat yogurt, strawberry yoghurt, mango yoghurt, and banana yogurt. You can enjoy your yoghurt with homemade Swiss Bricher muesli or you can prefer the homemade mango muesli with soya milk.

Bakery / Oven Fresh

As the name suggests, at this section you will find freshly baked goodies and all sorts of pastries including plain croissant, chocolate croissant, vanilla muffin, chocolate muffin, mini cinnamon rolls, strawberry Danish, prune Danish and apricot Danish.

Of course, you will also find an assortment of breads like sliced white breads, whole wheat bread, sourdough bread, brown bread hard rolls and soft rolls.

Breakfast Breads Condiments & Dips

This section features complements that you can enjoy on top of your bread. There is a selection of homemade jams, rotating daily, like banana jam, coconut jam, guava jam, mango jam, papaya jam, pineapple jam, sapodilla jam, and tangerine with ginger jam. There are also various fruit compotes like apple compote, jackfruit compote, pear compote, plum compote, dried prunes compote, dried apricot compote, and mixed dried fruit compote which you can also enjoy.

The “Hot” Section

Crave it up with a fresh cauvery, freshly prepared by the breakfast chef. The cauvery includes a spread of pate wrapped in bacon and butcher’s family and all sorts of condiments like Dijon mustard, grain mustard, pommary mustard, tomato chutney and onion marmalade. A the Grill/Oven section you will find freshly grilled goodies or ready-to-serve on the heal lamp. The “menu” includes chicken and chorizo sausages, grilled meddle back bacon, and grilled lamb cutlets with oven dried tomatoes.

The Pan Fried, Sautéed and Simmered section includes delicacies like corn beef and potatoes dish, baked bean, sautéed mushroom, and sautéed potatoes, capsicums, onion and rosemary. The Wok and Soup section offers Thai themed delicacies like fried rice, stir fried noodle, noodle soups and fried noodles like Pad ba mee and Khao pad.

Finally, the Just Eggs, Glorious Eggs section is the place where you can try your eggs however you want like scramble eggs, omelet, fried and boiled. You can enjoy them with all kinds of ingredients like smoked salmon, onion, tomatoes, fresh mushroom, capsicum, cheddar cheese, turkey ham, chopped green chili, spring onion, and coriander.

The Breakfast Champions

The so-called breakfast champions are dishes that you must absolutely try. The list includes from international favorites to traditional Thai signatures that will introduce you to the local food culture. Pancake towers drizzled with maple syrup and fruit compotes, mascarpone French toast with cinnamon grilled banana and maple syrup, and the savoury grilled Norwegian Salmon Fillet with green asparagus, rost and hollandaise sauce. That's a proper meal!

To get a better gasp of Thai Breakfast culture, enjoy the traditional Thai breakfast champions. Gai Krata consists of fried eggs with minced chicken, tomato, spring onion and toasted garlic... yummy. The phuket noodle soup Mee Sua Noodle Soup with minced pork, choy sum, Thai celery, spring onion, coriander and soft-boiled egg is also to die for. As you can see the options are many and diverse.

Completing the experience!

Of course, breakfast is not the only reason to stay at the Boathouse Phuket. The hotel is amazing in any way possible, featuring a luxurious swimming pool where you can relax and sunbathe overlooking the beach, spacious rooms and suites that will give you a home-like feeling, and a perfect location overlooking the Andaman Sea. The hotel's main restaurant, Boathouse Restaurant, is also open for lunch and dinner, offering fine Thai and International cuisine.

The only thing left is to experience it. Don't waste any more time and   book now at The Boathouse Phuket by clicking here.