Verona is just the typical Italian city, as it matters gay acceptance. Showing any kind of affection in public is considered a "taboo" and it's often discriminated. The majority of the locals are friendly and kind people and they wouldn't cause you any problems if you keep a discrete profile. The local LGBT community is neither big nor active, so the gay nightlife is still under development.

Gay Hotspots 

The Major Gay Hotspots in Verona Are: Lucla Cafe is the only gay cafe - bar in the city. It gets really crowdy in the evenings, especially in the weekends.  S.Patrik Pub is a gay owned pub which attracts mainly the bear type of men.  La Campagnola is a widely known restaurant for its delicious food and excellent staff behavior. It has a very warm and cozy atmosphere which makes your dinner experience more than pleasant. Romeos and Milord are the 2 most popular gay clubs in Verona. Romeos is a gay disco-bar while Milord is a gay dance club. Most of the local LGBT community gather at these 2 clubs. The City Sauna is a gay cruising sauna which offers a more naughty type of entertainment. It also features a bar where you can enjoy a drink!

Gay Accommodation

There are not any exclusively gay hotels or resorts in Verona, but you will be able to find several gay friendly ones which will make you make feel comfortable and cozy!  

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Solo Gay Traveling

Verona is the perfect city if you want to get away from your daily routine and spend your holidays peacefully with a dash of adventure. It is a small city and the locals are more traditional and warm people. The gay acceptance isn't quite high but as long as you keep a low profile, you will face absolutely no problems. The gay nightlife might not be the most advanced, but considering its size it's very good. There are a couple excellent gay clubs, pubs and cafes where you can spend your lonely nights! For the naughtier travelers, there is a gay cruising sauna which offer a more alternative kind of fun!