Crete may be a less tantalizing choice when planning your next luxury gay holidays in Greece and this may be your missed opportunity to fall in love with a Mediterranean gem. Follow us on a hypnotic journey across the largest Greek island, and the only one to host its own Gay Pride since 2015, to discover the most tempting reasons why you should add Crete to your travel bucket list.

Cayo Exclusive Resort & Spa: Introducing an upgraded kind of luxury gay holiday, centered around the exploration and life of Crete

To start with, finding your “home away from home” is among the top priorities when planning your summer holidays in Crete. You will need a resort that combines relaxation and bespoke services, allowing you to enjoy care-free moments and luxury holidays. Therefore, we turn the spotlight on Cayo Exclusive Resort & Spa, a paradise that comes with 70 exclusively designed rooms and villas, inviting guests seeking luxury to immerse into a world of exquisite elegance. 

Sophisticated and stylish, Cayo Exclusive Resort & Spa is a new, modern, ecologically sensitive resort born out of passionate love in the art of traveling. Run by discreet professionals with a gay-friendly attitude and the willing to offer exclusive and personalized attention, the resort is located in Elounda, the most lux side of Crete.

It is close to the main locations of interest such as Elounda, Agios Nikolaos, and Heraklion, and the ideal starting point to discover the secret beauties of the island such as the nearby gay-friendly beaches. 

Check-in at one of the resort’s luxurious rooms or villas and enjoy top-notch facilities that will allow you to experience memorable, private moments of relaxation. The Executive Rooms with Private Pool definitely packs a punch with its stunning view, gorgeous design, luxurious interiors, and spacious pool with sunbeds and outdoor shower.  

Within the resort’s premises, you will also find two grand swimming pools with magnificent views of the islet of Spinalonga, an open-air amphitheater where you will enjoy theatrical or musical performances, a fitness center that offers the latest training exercise equipment and a boutique store with impressive creations from innovative Greek designers and handmade jewelry.

Gay Crete: the alternative Gay Greek Destination

After dropping your bags, start exploring why Crete is a picture-perfect destination for every gay traveller and how is meant to offer unrivalled experiences based on your deepest passions and needs. 

Crete is the first and only Greek island that hosts its own Gay Pride since 2015, motivating gay locals come out of the closet and straight Cretans take steps towards accepting homosexuality. 

The island’s gay community mainly hangs out at New York Beach Club, situated on the beachfront in Hersonissos. Is widely regarded as one of the best bars in town with a gay-friendly atmosphere. You may feel that Crete lacks in the gay scene, but you will come up with sun-kissed gay travellers from all around the world to all the bars across the island.

Enjoy a cozy afternoon cocktail, overlooking the sunset with your other half or besties

We are sure that there will also be moments that you will prefer not to leave the comfort and the luxury atmosphere of the Cayo Exclusive Resort & Spa. Chill out at one of the verandas on the island, Emerald Bar, and connect with other visitors while admiring the majestic view. Ideal for relaxation and free mind hour, this cozy and elegantly decorated resort bar promises unbeatable summer memories.

Luxury Things to do in Crete: Meet the island’s elegant and authentic attitude.

Kick-off with a Luxurious Massage/Wellness Treatment

Speaking from experience, pampering yourself with a wellness treatment is among the greatest luxuries one can experience during vacations. Discover a sanctuary for the senses and treat yourself with deeper relaxation to a luxurious and soothing setting. 

We've narrowed down the options to make it easier for you to discover the dream spot that will enable you to unplug, recharge and achieve high levels of relaxation. Look no further than the Cayo Exclusive Resort & Spa. The resort is home to one of the most modern wellness centers in Crete, Armonia Spa, that features a large heated indoor pool, steam room, three treatment rooms and sauna.

Your lifestyle, mood and needs are discussed before crafting a customized wellness experience to enjoy alone or with your partner. The experts of the spa will help you disconnect from your everyday life and achieve the desired balance between body, mind, and spirit.

Savor traditional Cretan cuisine with a modern twist

Photo from Kelari Gourmet Restaurant

A fine dining experience through high-quality, locally sourced ingredients is waiting for you to all delicious taverns or restaurants of Crete. Without saying, the island is a gastronomy paradise where the tradition meets the latest trends and the flavors creatively blend with the originality. Either you prefer to taste local dishes in small villages or gourmet options in upscale restaurants; you will definitely fall in love with the Cretan Cuisine. 

Once you feel like you are craving for serenity combined with a gastronomical experience beyond expectations, at Cayo Exclusive Resort & Spa’s Mediterranean Restaurant, Sage & Thyme, you will discover plenty of mouth-watering options. The menu is a celebration of Cretan cuisine enriched with a modern twist, curated by the first Greek chef awarded a Michelin Star, Lefteris Lazarou. 

Kelari Gourmet Restaurant is meant to be the idyllic setting for a wine-tasting experience combining local and global labels. Wine lovers will have the chance to sip full-bodied wines and savor creative interpretations of timeless gourmet traditional Greek recipes, gazing at a stunning view over the islet of Spinaloga.


Crete is coming alive from mid-spring till late October as the hot weather turns the island into an ideal destination to enjoy the sea and the sun. It’s safe to say that the largest Greek island is proud of the sprawling golden sand and crystal blue waters while gay travellers can benefit from the influx of international visitors that blend with the locals under one common goal: to create lifetime memories and why not, true relationships that last forever.