Action Water Sports are gaining more and more popularity among loyal adventure lovers, who seek entertainment in surfing, flyboarding, jet skiing, sailing, water skiing, scuba diving, wind surfing and more. These intense activities release adrenaline, which makes them almost addictive. Since they take place in the water, their fun factor is quite increased as well, placing them on the top of the list for many travellers.

Water Sports adventurers also claim that the very fact that you cross the burden of nature, and manage to do things that humans on their own cannot, is also an exciting and tempting factor. Having all these in mind, we are presenting below some tips for all water sport beginners, as well as some ideal destinations for action water sport lovers of all kinds - both beginners and pros!

Tips on Action Water Sports 

 Action Water Sports | Travel by Interest
  1. The very basic tip is to be a good swimmer. But no matter how good swimmer you are, precautions must be taken, so you have to wear a life vest in most of the activities – just in case.
  2. Equipment is essential, so either you are having your own underwater suit or you will rent it, as well as all the gear, make sure to take care of them and maintain all your water sports gems in perfect condition. This means that if you are using rented ones, do your research and make sure you trust the company you are going to rent your gear from.
  3. Before travelling to a destination and engaging in the local water sports activities, check the availability. You may have to book the sessions a certain period ahead.
  4. Check the weather in advance, if you don’t want your adventure vacations to be ruined.
  5. Water Sport Travel Insurance is also a key point that you have to take care of. But be cautious! Make sure to carefully go through all the information provided by the insurance companies, as some may have limitations. For example, an insurance can cover you on scuba diving, but not below 40 meters. In case you wish to go extreme, you have to find the one that fits your intentions.

Top Action Water Sports Destinations

 Action Water Sports | Travel by Interest

Vietnam – the Rising Star

Although Vietnam wasn’t developed as an adventure destination until recently, it gradually stands out and showcases its potential. The most popular places of interest are Mui Ne, which is one of the best Kiteboarding (Kitesurfing) destinations in Asia, and Ha Long Bay for Kayaking!

Lake Tahoe, Sierra Nevada – the Must Go

Action Water Sports in Lake Tahoe are considered a must thing to do, since it has been an adventure hot spot for years. There are numerous options such as power boats, kayak rentals, jet skis, stand up paddle board rentals, catamarans and many more!

Fenton, Michigan – the Boating Manifest

A destination with a high demand for Action Water Sports activities, with Boating being the highlight. There are many companies to choose from for your adventure, and most of them are family-ran businesses practicing water sports for years.

Greece – the Action Water Sports Paradise

Ideal for sea lovers, under and above water adventurers and nature enthusiasts. Greece, especially during the summertime, offers numerous adventure options like sailing, windsurfing, scuba diving, diving, water skiing, windsurfing and more!

Thailand – the Kiteboarding Oases

With the high season for Action Water Sports being from November to March, adventurers have plenty of time to schedule a getaway. Also, this destination is popular for surfboarding and kiteboarding, especially in Koh Samui.