Say goodbye to 2019 and embark on a new, exciting food journey that will teleport you to another world. Explore new cultures and food traditions, try dishes that you would never imagine, and learn about food customs that will change they way your perceive food. 

From delicious tapas in Barcelona to elegant sushi in Tokyo, and a sauerkraut soup in Prague in between, 2020 is as exciting as it sounds. Let's find out the best destinations for a foodie to be in 2020!   

1. Ho Chi Minh City - Vietnamese Authenticity

For an authentic, flavor-packed Vietnamese Cuisine Experience, Ho Chi Minh City is your best bet on the market. Many people call it the queen of Asian street food, since it's literally packed with street vendors and markets, serving the best of Vietnamese cuisine at almost "laughable" prices.

In the meantime, the opportunity for fine dining is not entirely getting stripped of you, since Saigon (aka Ho Chi Minh City) has many high-end restaurants to dine. If you are not used to Asian food, these restaurants will be your best bet to enjoy a light meal that will not bloat you. 

2. Crete - Greek Gastronomy

People in the Mediterranean know how to eat, and Greece is among the countries that can easily represent the delicious Mediterranean cuisine. Along Crete, there is an island that has developed its own food tradition. We are talking about none other than Crete.

Crete has developed its own food tradition, which is based on fresh, raw produce, ideal for people who follow a healthy diet. The dishes make heavy use of fruits like figs, fresh vegetables like tomatoes, lettuce, etc, extra virgin olive oil, various local cheeses and cold cuts.

3. Mendoza - The Gastronomic Capital of Argentina

Mendoza exports some of the best wines in the world, but very few notice its rich culinary scene. Combining good food, wine and adventures, Mendoza is actually the perfect spot for foodies. It's home to a wide array of wineries that serve multi-course wine lunches that are often enjoyed with stunning views of the Andes.

The three most popular areas to dine in the city of Mendoza are Sarmiento, Aristides Villanueava and Belgrano. Locals in Mendoza usually have dinner after 10 pm, while dinner is the best time to visit Mendoza's center. For a rich food experience, invest some of your budget on the restaurants.

4. Tokyo - Authentic Sushi and Traditional Bentos

Tokey, Japan's busy capital, is home to a wide diversity of restaurants serving, local, regional and international cuisines. Good food can be found at every price range, either it comes from a cheap hole-in-the-wall join or an expensive high-class restaurant. In the end, it's all up to how good of a searcher you are.

Among the dishes and recipes that you can try in Tokyo, there are a few specialties that you MUST try. Such specialties include the nigiri-zushi, tempura, soba, chankonabe, monjayaki, tsukudani, and Tokyo sweets.

5. Barcelona - Tapas to dig in!

In every street of Barcelona, you are going to find a small tapas' bar to dig in. The city features from super deluxe tapas restaurants to small, cozier shops where you can enjoy rich buffet of tapas. Either way, you are going to love it.

Each restaurant serves its own tapas, however, there are some of them that you will find almost everywhere. Some of the most popular tapas in Barcelona are patatas bravas, tortillas de patatas, jamon, croquetas, calamares and pan con tomate.

6. Prague - A soup to warm yourself!

Last but not least comes Prague and its delicious soups. When fall hits the city and after hours of walking through its picturesque alleys, a soup will sound like a bless to you. After all, Czech food is about two things: sauces and soups. But... which are the best soups in Prague to try.

Well, there are many and they usually different from shop to shop. Some of the best places to eat soups in Prague include Sansho, goulash and Pho. The best place to try local soups is the amazing Wine Food Market, where you can enjoy the amazing soup of the day.

These are the 6 destinations that you can visit in 2020 for a rich food experience that you remember. If you have visited them before, share with us your comments, and, if not, schedule to visit them this year and you will remember us!