Amsterdam, located in the North Holland province of the Western Netherlands, is one of the world’s most widely known tourist attractions with about 14 million tourist visits per annum. And there is much reason behind this high tourist visit statistic: the many unique places and facts about Amsterdam. If we read about this beautiful place in essay paper, Bestessaytips or Elsevier, along with its never-ending canals and profound architecture, there is also mention of much more the place has to offer than what meets the eye in first sight.

Amsterdam, for one, is completely built on poles - 11 million to be exact. The city itself is about a meter below sea level, which means places like the train station need many poles to be safe and secure. Even every house in the entire city is built on wooden poles, most of which were put in place in the 17th century.

Originally, Amsterdam was a small fishing village protected by Amstel River, which had a dam built on it. Due to this, it was initially referred to as ‘Amstelredam’. Speaking of which, Amsterdam has many great fishing spots. As advised by many researchers in law essay help, the place is in for a great treat for anyone who likes to fish, due to the vast variety of fish present in the waters. Furthermore, there are many professional guides who you can ride boats with on the IJ and North Sea Canal for optimum catches.

Amsterdam is also full of bridges, just like it is full of canals. The two things go together. There are 1281 bridges in total with 80 located on the canal ring with the most famous one being called the Skinny Bridge. It is said that perhaps the best thing about the multiple bridges being located so close to each other is that 15 of them can be seen at the same time. A sight probably only unique to Amsterdam. You can catch this sight while standing on the corner of the Reguliersgracht and Herengracht. This kind of intricate details are only observed and appreciated by those who have a sharp eye, such as the speakers of mind-body-soul or writers of help with essay.

One very interesting fact about Amsterdam that is hard to believe for most people as well as paper writing services in today’s day is that the water in the canals is so clean that it is used as drinking water for animals, especially elephants in the Artis Zoo. As for the people, according to the experts from superior papers, the tap water is completely safe to drink regardless of your health and age.

Amsterdam is also known for being a very friendly and accommodating city. For example, if you are on low income, you can take your pet to the vet for free once a year. Or if you pass away without having any known family or friends in the city, a poet will write a personalized poem and recite it for you on your funeral.

Moving onwards, Amsterdam is a highly populated city with a population of about 17 million. This skyrocketing population is due to the splendor of the city. It has 38 markets, ranging from antique boutiques to simple flower shops, 55 theatres and concert halls with about sixteen thousand plays and concerts happening the year round. Amsterdam also has the highest concentration of museums per square meter in the whole world, with one museum even located at the airport. Coffee shops are also in abundance, reaching to about 300 in the entire city. And parks reach a number of 40, meaning if you want to relax or take a day off, there is probably a place easily available nearby to do so. There is also a catboat in Amsterdam – Poezenboot; a cat shelter with more than 50 cats.

The fact that more than 50% of Amsterdammers use bikes as a daily means of transportation helps to keep the city alive along with all the aforementioned facts.

Amsterdam as a whole is an antique city with many artifacts that make it worthy of being called so. It possesses the most carillons in the world with most of them having the origin of the Golden Age. De Torensluis Bridge is from 1648 and is the oldest and widest bridge of the 1281 bridges in the city. The widest house in the city is in Kloveniersburgwal 29. It was built in 1660 by wealthy brothers and is 22 meters wide. The flower market dates back to 1862 and is one of the most popular flower markets in the Netherlands. The stalls being placed on boats are a tribute to the time when flowers used to be delivered by boats. Amsterdam also has over 7000 buildings, all of which are considered monumental.

Some not so widely known interesting things to do in Amsterdam as a tourist includes climbing the tallest tower in central Amsterdam – the Westertoren. Since the tower is right in the centre of Amsterdam, the views are obviously breathtaking. This tower also has a history and dates back to 1638 with Habsburg emperor and many others buried in the church just below it. Furthermore, you can bike to Ouderkerk aan de Amstel. This is a village about 30 minutes from the city center. Several classy restaurants have made a home here to which you can treat yourself after your tiresome but very exhilarating bike ride.

You can also go to attend a concert at Concertgebouw. They have free concerts at lunchtime that are rumored to have one of the best acoustics in the world. Continuing on the quest to experience unique sights in Amsterdam, experiencing the bubble fountain on Frederiksplein is a must. It’s an isolated fountain that is surrounded by a square boundary that is overflowing with sparkly bubble foam, whose shine looks nothing less than magical under the moonlight. The Amsterdam Forest is a very interesting location for anyone willing to explore yet still avoid a crowd. This place will give you your privacy and at the same time beautiful sights to look at in all directions. It’s especially a win for people who are fans of flowery sceneries.

To conclude, Amsterdam has a lot going for itself. It has both unique sites and places to visit, along with regular places to go to which you can find in any other city as well. It has a rich history, along with being very up-to-date regarding the current times. It is a city that is interesting due to its versatility.