Travel by Interest's new era brought in the spotlight a new feature, Hotel Collections, that propose amazing hotels around the world. But as you may notice, there are four different types of Hotel Collections. So, let's get to know them!

Hotel Collections by Interest

After evaluating the various Hotels & Properties, our TBI Experts categorize each one of them in special Hotel Collections based on the famous Travel Interests, Gay, Luxury, Food and Wellness. Hotel Collections by Interest can be found in all the destinations you desire, just type where you want to go and then navigate through these collections according to your Interest. 

See some examples of Hotel Collections by Interest:

Hotel Collections by Destination Feature

TBI Hotel Experts also create Hotel Collections by Destination Feature, like hotels with jacuzzis, private pools etc., in the most famous destinations, making it easier for travelers to find their perfect match.

Some Examples of Hotel Collections by Destination Feature:

Hotel Collections by Theme

TBI Experts create special Hotel Collections by Theme like Festive Hotels, or Hotels made by Famous Designers so as to give extra inspiration to travelers.

Some Examples of Hotel Collections by Theme:

Hotel Collections By Influencer

Last but not least, famous Influencers like Vloggers, Artists etc create their own Hotel Collections with hotels they love from around the world, giving more captivating ideas. These useful Hotel Collections allow travelers to browse hotels more easily based on their personal likes and interests, while helping them discover the properties that match better their preferences.