A good design and architecture is always appreciated, either you are an art aficionado or not. A remarkable example of this observation is boutique hotels' steady popularity through the years. People are in constant search of hotels with "personality", unique places where they will feel comfortable enough to relax and enjoy their holidays.

There are many hotels in the world that boast superb design and aesthetics, however, very few of them combine eco-friendliness and high aesthetics as seamlessly as this hotel in Crete. Let's discover Olive Green Hotel in Heraklion, Crete and the way it has managed to win our hearts with its unique and eco-friendly design. 

Immersing into the experience: the lobby!

The minimal and eco-friendly design of Olive Green Hotel is distinguishable from the very first area that you will encounter in the building; the lobby. White, Green and Wooden are the three most prominent elements in the lobby, whose combination creates a feeling of futuristic luxury. The total-white floor, walls and reception give an overall clean feeling to the environment.

The lobby is also home to the hotel's Library and Internet Corner where you will find MAC and PC!

The furniture bring forth nature's most important element, wood. All furniture are wooden while the olive trees found around the lobby compliment the environment greatly, making it look fresh and elegant. They could also be regarded as a hint to show the hotel's high ecological value.

Bedtime stories with a touch of elegance!

Next comes the place that you will spend most of your time whilst in the hotel, your room. There are three types of rooms available, the URBAN, the POPULAR, and the OG CLUB. They all feature elegant design and decoration, and they are fully equipped with the most advanced and eco-friendly facilities.

Recycling helps to reduce the pollution caused by waste and it's among the most crucial steps for a healthier planet. This is why the hotel has included special bins in the rooms that will allow you to make your contribution.

The rooms were designed in a way to feel much comfortable to the guests, while also featuring unique touches like the bed headboards displaying images of Cretan nature, or the lighted wardrobes inspired by Cretan traditions. What's fascinating is that the photos are from an exclusive photo-shooting made for the hotel, so you will find them nowhere else. Another distinguished feature of the rooms is that they are all immersed in technology.

You will be provided with tablets that let you manage your room's heating, lights or even TV (in addition to surfing the web), and a handy - to take out offering free calls abroad and unlimited usage of data. It can be also used as GPS.

Starting from the gorgeous POPULAR rooms, their modern and stylish decoration with wooden and earthly tones will make you feel cozy and like-home.

Olive Green Hotel uses KNX protocol, so you can ask the reception to adjust the room's temperature, TV, and lighting according to your needs!

The 26 sqm Urban rooms will impress you with their minimal decor yet refined aesthetics, showcasing wide pictures of Crete that will inspire your Cretan holidays. The room is spacious enough to accommodate up to three people, while the walk-in high pressure rainfall shower in the room makes it especially beloved by couples.

The OG CLUB room stands out for its cut-edging decor and exquisite architecture. The room is packed with many high tech facilities like a walk-in high pressure rainfall shower, a 49' TV and other tech conveniences. It also has a comfortable terrace, fully furnished with table, chairs and sun loungers, where you can enjoy the eternal sunlight of Crete.

The hotel uses eco-friendly cleaning products for the cleaning of the rooms. It also uses led lights to light up the area, and makes use of recycling forms of energy like solar panels to heat the water. Paper usage is limited up to the minimum.

Start your day in style!

Your very first meal of the day, breakfast, will be served at the urban and chic Liotrivi Breakfast Area. Liotrivi features a minimal design, where iron and wood are the most prevailing materials. There are also two wallpapers displaying olive groves of Kalamata and Crete, highlighting the two types of olive oils. The area's gorgeous dim lighting will treat your "morning self" gently.

For breakfast, Olive Green Hotel offers a diversity of handmade delicacies like bread, cakes, pies, and eggs in any version you would like to. The quirky "626" all day lounge & city garden is another great place to enjoy your breakfast, in an a-la-carte style!

An artsy restaurant to enjoy your meal!

Olive Green Hotel's main restaurant, "626" All Day Lounge & City Garden, has a modern design with quite a playful character. It's located on the hotel's ground floor, featuring both an indoor and an outdoor area where you will enjoy flavor-packed lunches and dinners, which you can cap off with delicious cocktails. Special props to the absolutely gorgeous ceiling that's actually a blackboard with various drawings on it. It definitely brings the child out of you!

"626" All Day Lounge & City Garden offers International Cuisine, featuring dishes from every corner of earth. Vegan and Vegetarian options are also available.

The dishes might not be part of the restaurant's design, however they definitely deserve a mention. All dishes are well presented, either on top of wooden boards, or in elegant total black dishes. They make up the perfect models for your Instagram photo-shootings - even though, they will make you feel quite bad for spoiling their beauty. Nevertheless, their delicious aromas will quickly seduce you to take the first bite.

It's all about character, honey!

In the end, Olive Green Hotel is an experience that you need to live in order to fully understand its grace. The hotel's minimal, chic, and eco-friendly character will gently introduce you to the city's rhythms, offering a hotel experience that you will remember. Don't waste any more time and open up to the Olive Green Experience by   checking prices directly at the hotel here, or visiting its website for more information here