Oh, Maldives! With your pristine, turquoise-color waters, white-sand beaches, and 5-star over-water bungalows. How can someone dislike you? Maldives has become a global sensation, attracting thousands of Instagrammers and TV Personas every year, who are craving to take some selfies in its picture-perfect environment.

Unfortunately, this on-earth-paradise will not exist for much longer, as it's expected to get swallowed by water by the end of this century. So, we highly recommend pack your favorite sunglasses and take your Maldives trip right-away. Of course, to do that, we know that you must find a place to stay.

And, to save your time, we made the research for you and found the best resort in the Maldives to enjoy an authentic Maldivian Experience. We are talking about none other than the amazing   Furaveri Island Resort & Spa!

Water Villas vs Beach Villas: It's only up to you!

Maldives might be widely known for its luxurious over-water villas and bungalows, where you can literally sleep above the ocean. However, an other type of villas has emerged and it's quite popular: the beach villas. Thankfully, Furaveri Island Resort & Spa offers both accommodation options, so that you won't feel limited.

The Water Villa is built on top of a turquoise lagoon, which can be accessed via a wooden walkway. It's quite spacious, spreading through a whopping number of 98 sqm. while it's designed to offer the ultimate privacy and comfort to its guests. What you are going to love the most is the breathtaking sunsets that you will be able to enjoy from your private terrace!

The Beach Pool Villa is found by a glittering white-sand beach, overlooking the turquoise lagoon. It spreads through 155 sqm, so it's very spacious even for families up to 2 people and 2 children. What you are going to love is its large beach-front garden with wooden sundeck and a 6-metre private pool. Perfect for summer skinny dips!

Food at Furaveri Island Resort & Spa: It's all about the Experience!

Furaveri Island Resort & Spa offers a great diversity of dining options, including from International Buffet to Casual Mexican over the reef edge and Asian Fusion Cuisine. There are frequent evening entertainment shows scheduled, so you can enjoy your evening dinners with soft music, live band music, etc. In addition to the three standard meal plans (half board, Full Board, All Inclusive), there is also the dine around plan, which is excellent for couples.

We are not going to focus on the hotel's restaurants but on the experiences. For couples, the Romantic Dinner Experience is a must-do. Dine under the starry sky while listening to the sound of the Indian Ocean waves gently lapping beside you. The 6-course menu features a selection of seafood, salad, homemade soup, and two delicious main courses. The meal is complete with a delicious chocolate dessert.

The Sea Breeze Dinner offers a taste of the Exotic Maldives, including a 4-course menu with the freshest of seafood including tiger shrimps, calamari and local lobster. The plethora of ocean aromas will thrill you. Destination Dining is a must-do for all kinds of travellers, as it allows you to pick a location around the island of your choice, and enjoy there a sumptuous 5-course menu.

Of course, if you don't wanna bother leaving the privacy of your suite or villa, you can always opt for in-villa dining.

A Wellness Sanctuary in the Maldives: Get the pampering you deserve

Furaveri Spa will become your favorite spot in Furaveri Island Resort & Spa, only after your villa, of course. Just leave yourself to the hands of professional therapists, and enjoy holistic spa treatments that aim to calm the mind and body.  

The menu features a diversity of spa packages, body massages, facials and body treatments, so it's impossible not to find the right one for you. We highly recommend you opt for one of the spa packages, as they provide a complete wellness experience at a great price. Especially the Total Healing Body Repair will be a great start to your Maldives vacations.

Not into massages? Well, you can enjoy a hot session at the separate steam bath, the sauna, or the jacuzzi. There is also a relaxation area where you can relax and unwind in a peaceful environment. Of course, the spa hots an awesome gym, that's fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment.

Summing up: the ultimate Maldivian Experience

In the end, we are sure that you will wish your Maldivian Experience never ended. But, at the same time, you will feel relaxed and pumped up to re-start your daily schedule. So, pack your favorite sunglasses and swimwear and get ready for the most exciting experience of your life!