If you’re interested in exploring the wonderful city of Sydney, you have probably heard or already visited its main attractions. After all, these are not that difficult to miss as they are everywhere when you look up “what to do in Sydney”. However, there’s more to this beautiful place than just its main attractions. Lovely neighbourhoods await to be discovered and help you learn more about the rich and colourful culture of this Australian city. So, the next time you find yourself in Sydney, make sure to include the following neighbourhoods in your itinerary.

1. Surry Hills

Are you a fan of all thing hip and underground yet deliciously creative? Surry Hills should be one of your definite stops then. This suburban part of Sydney is home to many media companies, amazing food deals and specially selected music playing in the artistic cafes. But you won’t find all of this obvious the moment you step into Surry Hills. The best bits of this creative hub are underground or hidden among the quieter corners, which only makes the whole experience that more exciting, intriguing and exceptional.

2. Darlinghurst

Now, Darlinghurst is truly something special. If you wish to get deep into Sydney’s bar scene, this is a place to go. Even though Darlinghurst’s past has been quite notorious and filled with crime (which strangely adds to its current charm) it’s a completely new neighbourhood now. So, no danger awaits you here apart from maybe getting one too many cocktails. Together with Mardi Gras parades, Darlinghurst will quite possibly win you over. Especially if you do enjoy a nice beer or cocktail in the evening. By all means try to stop by Hinky Dinks restaurant to enjoy some of that 50s style cocktail vibe.

3. Chatswood

Chatswood is the rich relative of Chinatown. If you’re fascinated by Asian culture and crave some luxurious and fancy shopping experience, this is definitely the suburb for you to explore.  However, both designer brand fans and those who prefer something more international will find something they like here. And once your thirst for shopping is quenched, don’t miss the opportunity to satisfy your hunger at one of the five different food courts located at Chatswood. If you can’t decide where to stop for a bite first, why not try Hello Kitty café? You won’t be disappointed!

4. Randwick

Randwick is definitely best known for its horse racing events. And these are undoubtedly a thing to witness for someone who has never participated in the horse race watching and cheering. Not to mention that it’s a unique chance to dress up and feel all glamorous while attending an event so connected to the past and posh lifestyle. Of course, Randwick will charm you completely with its breathtaking nature as well. The three foodie hubs are a must-visit, too – The Spot, Belmore Road and Avoca Street. Actually, because of its historic and natural beauty, Randwick is one of the favorite neighbourhoods for tourists to stay in while visiting. In case you’re looking for accommodation, definitely consider going central. This is the heart of the historic Randwick. One of the best choices is Avonmore on the Park Boutique Hotel in Sydney as it offers plenty of nearby attractions and activities. Not to mention that it’s an actual Victorian mansion – fully renovated of course.

5. The Rocks

This particular suburb will definitely tickle your imagination and Sherlock Holmes senses. With its shady history, The Rocks is still filled with urban legends and local mysteries. Even though the neighbourhood is far from anything dark now and actually feels quite inviting and vibrant, the secrets still remain for the curious. What’s more, you’ll be able to take a walking tour and enjoy both the architecture and learning about the historical importance of every corner of The Rocks. On the other hand, adrenaline seekers will definitely enjoy ghost tours that take place in the evening.

When it comes to the city of Sydney, a list of places to visit and things to do can never be complete. But, if you want to learn more about Sydney past the traditional attractions, the above-mentioned five neighbourhoods are definitely the coolest to visit.