If you’re looking for a dream vacation, a wild vacation, a fun vacation, or a honeymoon, then Bali is the place to be. In Bali, there is so much you can do and so many experiences to live regardless of what you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for adventure and mysticism, you can satisfy your thirst by visiting several amazing temples that Bali hosts. If you’re looking for a romantic getaway, Bali surely won’t disappoint you. But what if you’re looking for a fun, exotic experience in Bali?

1. Monkey Forest

The Monkey Forest is one of the main attractions in Bali, and it is for a good reason. For most of us, it is very uncommon to go for a walk while monkeys are swinging above you or even steal the bananas from your hand.

The monkey forest is by far a rare place on this earth. You see, this is not a simple exotic forest filled with monkeys. There are three ancient and yet magnificent temples, and it is filled with amazing statues.

The 500 monkeys roaming around will ensure that your experience in this forest will be unforgettable. Not to mention that nothing is funnier than a monkey in her natural habitat, messing with some tourists now and then.

2. Adventure Park

What speaks fun louder than an adventure park, right? And in Bali, you can find one of the best ones yet. I was amazed to find out the professionalism they promote in this adventure park and the variety of activities you can experience. Not to mention that everything comes with a fantastic, breathtaking view.

Even more, this adventure park is included in an 8-hour tour among Bali Botanic Garden, Jatiluwih Green land, and many more amazing things you shouldn’t miss out while you’re in Bali.

3. Waterbom Bali

You’re in Bali and looking for a fun thing to do? Well, then you should stop by Waterbom Bali waterpark.

Here you can find dozens of thrilling tube rides of all sorts and even a bungee catapult that will flip you up to 9 meters in the air. I admit – the rides on this waterpark might not be for the faint-hearted ones, but while your friends are having fun, you can enjoy an amazing spa day, and everyone will be happy.

4. Kecak Fire Dance

Most of us when we think about the fun we picture an epic party with drinks and a lot of dancing. But since we’re in an exotic place, so will be the party atmosphere. Therefore, you will not just go clubbing. You will have a lot of fun at the Kecak Fire Dance, which is actually a traditional “monkey” dance around the fire.

But, as it is a tradition, it has an interesting story behind the “monkey” dance. According to scientists, the locals are not fooling around the fire but performing the Ramayana story.

The man creates the music with no instruments, just their bodies, while the woman dance around the fire, and this particular dace is the root of today’s “trance” dance. For that reason, if you are a party lover, I believe that Kecak Fire dance is the best fun activity you can have in Bali.

5. Hidden Underwater Temple

You can’t travel to Bali and not visit its grand temples. But if you want to have some fun while discovering the mysteries within Bali’s ancient temples, you should definitely visit the Hidden Underwater temple.

I mean, temples on the surface of the earth are basic, and so are sea walks. But what if we are combining the visit to a temple and a sea walk. Visiting an underwater temple is not a common thing but is definitely a once in a lifetime experience.

While you will discover the beauty of the underwater world, you will also be exploring the ruins of a fantastic temple, the Buddha garden, and plenty of astonishing statues.

6. DMZ Museum

I know a museum isn’t quite the description of a fun activity, but the DMZ museum is not just any ordinary museum. DMZ stands for Dream Museum Zone, so you can guess that we’re talking about an optical illusion museum.

Here your eyes will play tricks on you so hard that you’ll no longer be able to trust them. At least for as long as you’re in the museum. There are as many as 120 optical illusions that will play with your mind.

As well, you can even pose in 3D pictures to remember this fun experience. I believe this activity would be amazing for some family time but also anyone with a great sense of humor.


Bali is a beautiful place, filled with beauty and adventure. If you seek the perfect getaway, Bali is for sure your destination. Bali is fun, is romantic, and wild, but you can always find a spot to quiet your mind too.

To me, Bali is the perfect destination where the sky is the only limit. Therefore, Bali is one of the destinations that should definitely be on your bucket list.