Sorrento is a very beautiful and peaceful city, similar to any other small city in Italy, with low criminality rate. The locals are also very friendly and warm people and you will surely feel much comfortable. The racist behaviors are extremely rare so it's really rare to face any mean behaviors. Nevertheless, we recommend you to keep a discrete profile in public areas! 

Gay Beaches

There aren't any beaches in Sorrento at all, but you can find several near it. The types of beaches that attract the most gay audience are:

Nudist: You can find several nudist beaches near Sorrento and most of them are gay friendly
Secluded: These beaches can be really tricky to find but they are really worth it because the majority of the LGBT community in Sorrento and the surrounding areas gather at them. 
Famous public beaches: Even though they are only considered gay friendly, you can find many gay people in them.

Gay Accommodation

There aren't any hotels or resorts in Sorrento focusing only on the LGBT audience. Nevertheless, you can find several gay friendly accommodation options which will surely exceed your expectations regarding the staff behavior and the hotels' facilities!

Gay Families

Surely Sorrento is a very good city to spend your vacations in Italy. Some indicative features of Sorrento that make it an ideal destination for family holidays are:

  • The historical value of the city; Combine education with entertainment for the most beneficial holidays with your children
  • The friendly and kind-hearted locals; Everywhere you will feel welcome and relaxed
  • The low criminality rate: Rest assure for your children's and yours safety
  • Close proximity to Naples and other amazing cities
  • Amazing scenery: Superb views to the beautiful Bay of Naples

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