The island of Hippocrates, Kos, stands out for its turquoise-water beaches, lush vegetation, affluent water springs and ancient monuments. With such fruitful land and lush nature, Kos is blessed with rich crops, exporting fruits and vegetables to other islands. So, it is no wonder that Kos features such a unique and delicious cuisine.

Even though you are going to find easily restaurants, taverns and eateries to dine for lunch and dinner, breakfast can be tricky. It’s very important to be able to enjoy your breakfast with ease and without having to move from your place, so we will actually recommend you a hotel.

It is called   Kosta Palace Hotel and it’s a city hotel on the Kos Harbor. Its central location is a highlight since it will give you easy access to many major locations on the island. What's going to steal your heart is none other than its superb breakfast, featuring a standard American buffet and delicious local specialties, the "Greek Flag Dishes"..


Breakfast at Kosta Palace: It’s more like a way of life!

At Kosta Palaces harbourfront patio, the unforgettable breakfast includes tastes and flavours that will satisfy all guests, including “Greek Flag” dishes, so don't miss out on it.

Through these dishes, guests are invited to get in sync with the island and its people, to feel and taste the local culture and way of life. Three elements are combined for this culinary experience: 

  • Fresh produce from local farmers
  • Local recipes for sweet and savoury delights
  • Cooking and baking onsite

Combined together, they give to breakfast a beautiful home-like feeling, making you feel cozy and comfortable. Let's discover it!

The fruits

The temperate Greek climate ensures a good all-year-round yield of fruits and vegetables. The fruits that you can enjoy for breakfast are picked daily at local orchards, so they vary each month.

Among the fresh fruits that you can enjoy are watermelons, melons, grapefruits, oranges, kiwis, bananas, peaches, nectarines, pears, red or green apples, grapes and freshly cut seasonal fruit salads.

The vegetables and savoury dishes

Tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and multicolour peppers all locally grown to make your own salad. Add Koan extra virgin olive oil (infused with herbs if you like), green or black olives, locally produced feta cheese, semi-soft wine cheese or farmer’s cheese.

Onion sautéed zucchini, local “villager’s” sausages with coloured peppers, grilled eggplants-peppers-cherry tomatoes and garlic mushrooms are some of the side dishes.

The eggs

Local farm eggs are served daily in many ways: boiled, fried, scrambled, oven-baked omelettes with various combinations of ingredients(cheese, cold cuts, vegetables, feta, sausages), Strapatsada with tomatoes, feta, heavy cream, peppers, onions, cheese and of course French toast in a sweet or savoury version.

The pies

Every morning the kitchen bakes their own shortcrust pastry and try to surprise you with the two flavours of the day: feta and spinach, vegetables and cheese, cold cuts and cheese, classic cheese pie, leeks and feta, mushrooms and bacon, sausage and vegetables, chicken with red peppers.

The breads

A wide selection of fresh bread and pastries, will give you plenty choices: fresh loaves of plain-whole grain-rye-multiseed, classic baguettes, bread rolls with anise or poppyseed, olive-bread, feta-bread, rusks in various flavours, breadsticks, or even sweet puffy bread. Don't forget to try the freshly baked breakfast bars.

The desserts

There are at least three traditional honey-syrup sweets daily like baklava, saragli, kantaifi, gianniotiko, kotiko, syrupy cake and walnut cake. Other sweet delicacies include Semolina chalva, orange mayirya, chocolate pudding, rice pudding, chocolate brioche and donut bread, all made early every morning. Marmalades straight from the hotel's kitchen with seasonal fruits such as pears, kiwis, strawberries and peaches can make any bread come alive.

For a healthier, sweet breakfast choice, you should opt for the whole fruit preserves sourced from local farmers: fig (a must-try), quince, baby-eggplant, cherry and cherry tomato. Don't miss the traditional Greek yoghurt topped with honey from the nearby mountain and walnuts. Honey and walnuts are also great over steaming soft flatbreads

As a conclusion to your sumptuous breakfast, we suggest a herbal tea of spearmint/rosemary/Greek mountain tea or a traditional Greek coffee slowly simmered over a hot sand plate.