Travelling is one of the best way to open your mind up for more things, more knowledge and enlightenment. It’s the way we invite experiences into our lives and travelling should be in everyone’s life. People should travel outside the borders of their own countries, create memories, meet new people, see the world and experience things that are out of their comfort zone. It’s fun and it’s really a necessary point in our lives.

Travelling solo has become more popular than ever in recent years. People are not afraid of the world anymore and they are ready to welcome more of it. But they are also not willing to compromise with other people or confide to someone else’s schedules so they are ready to travel on their own. Traveling solo is truly liberating. You are all alone but the world is full of interesting things. You are not walking your hometown streets, the streets you walk on everyday anymore. You are actually making great memories. No one to follow, you have to rely on yourself and decide what you want to do. Travelling solo really is awesome, especially for people who want to turn their life around.

Here are some tips to make it even better.

Explore your new neighborhood

Photo by Ibrahim Rifath on Unsplash

“When you land and find your hotel, get settled and freshen up a bit, use the time to explore the world around you. Venturing out deeper into your new destination may be a bit scary when you have just arrived but exploring the streets around your accommodation can be a fun way to give yourself a bit of experience from that country,” says Joe Hogart, a lifestyle blogger at Australia2Write and Nextcoursework.

It will also give you the time to adjust to your new surroundings. You can spot a nice restaurant where you want to eat, a coffee shop where you would love to drink coffee and journal in the coming days and you may see a few things you want to do in the future. You can also find all of the necessities like the convenience store, pharmacy and other things.

Eat local food on the street

The best way to meet a culture and get immersed is to eat the local food. Most locals in most cities prefer to grab a bite on the street when they have the time and this is usually one of the best representations of the local food. Eating on the street will allow you to see more people, how they behave and it will also be a lot cheaper. 

Choose a good street food provider, where you can either see or know how the food is prepared. Grab a comfortable bench and enjoy immersing yourself in the local culture. The best countries for street food are Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, France, Turkey and India. Make sure that you bring your water bottle and avoid drinking tap water in countries where tap water is not healthy.

Get lost

“Try to get lost in your destination. Take a walk and then just go where your interests lead you. Experience something completely different than you do in your daily life. This is the best way to create new memories and exciting stories to tell,” says Jane Bell, a travel writer at Britstudent and Write My X.

Just follow your heart and go where it takes you. Usually, people discover far more interesting things outside of the regular touristic routes and famous monuments in their destinations. Along the way, you can also meet a ton of interesting people when you ask for directions or you can use your GPS and find your way easily. You can take a walk, a local bus or train, rent a car and so on. Explore the area as much as possible and take in the local culture.

Meet new people

Engaging with other people will be an issue for introverts while it may be complete enjoyment for extroverts. An extrovert will gladly go where people are and engage with them. However, this can be a problem if you are an introvert. This is the time to loosen up so keep that in mind. When the mood strikes, you should talk to other people as much as possible.

Start a conversation with people that seem interesting or with other introverts you notice around you. Don’t think about how they will respond or what they will think. Join group activities that your hotel hosts and befriend others in your group. However, play to your personality and allow yourself plenty of time to rest from people.