Marrying is one thing, but let’s be honest here, as much as one can dream of the wedding day, he cannot imagine of what a honeymoon can be. And I will make myself clear, as I was lucky enough to have the choice of the ultimate Phuket Honeymoon. Truth be told, Phuket is a must destination not only for newlyweds but for everyone who seeks an exotic holiday, at one of the most acknowledged location for its beauty and uniqueness. Therefore, it can easily end up in being quite crowded and nor myself neither my husband like crowded places.

Just the two of us – in Phuket!

Luckily enough, we managed to book one of the best secluded hotels in Phuket,   the Naka Island, a Luxury Collection Resort and Spa, located on the homonymous magnificent island. Among the hotels for couples that one can find in Phuket, I would strongly suggest Naka, as it’s the place to truly enjoy an original Phuket Romance. Nested in the Andaman Sea, in a completely tropical landscape, Naka, is the perfect destination for couples.


Arriving in Paradise

When arriving at Ao Por Grand Marina after a long trip we were surprised to reach the resort after only a 10 minute cruise by the speedboat. The resort itself was astonishing at the first sight, and how could it not? Surrounded with all the crystal blue waters, the flourishing flora and under the warm sun of the summer, the resort welcomed us in awe. We were escorted to our luxurious villa and our Phuket romance just began. The contemporary design items and furniture that decorated the villa was in total harmony with the simple, wet pure and signature beauty of the Naka Island, and both my husband and myself took a moment to enjoy our honeymoon space. 

Pampering on all levels on our Phuket Honeymoon

On our first morning on Naka Island, we had a slow breakfast consisted of exotic fruits, and the real coconut water in our private villa, and shortly after, we couldn’t resist to take one first swim at the hotel’s private beach. On the list of the things to do in Phuket, my number one would be no other that, swimming in the pale blue waters, eyes open under the water, to absorb all the exotic beauty to its core.

After our swim we decided not to skip our gym day, and take advantage of the resort’s fully equipped gym, and then to treat ourselves with a much needed spa care, to take off all the wedding stress, and to enjoy the perks of staying at the Phuket luxury hotel. We ended the day, laying on our day bed in the pavilion having cocktail after cocktail, listening to our favorite music, labeling our Phuket romance, and getting ready for the next day of our adventure.

A day full of sea salt and flavor

On the next day, we decided to enrich our list of the things to do in Phuket, and we thought to take it on a whole other active level. So I followed my husband on a windsurf experience, easily arranged by the concierge service, and even if I had windsurfed before, doing so on our Phuket honeymoon was a whole new world to me. After having fun with the wind and the waves on our luxury hotel beach, we rented two bikes, and had a stroll around the exotic island.

After going back to our villa we realized that in our bike walk he had hardly seen any tourists and were filled with gratitude to have selected a secluded Phuket Hotel. For dinner, we enjoyed a selection of the freshest seafood with a Thai twist, along with some additional tasteful cocktails that the bar serves all day. Tipsy and full from our dinner, we headed back to the beach, as there is no romantic honeymoon in Phuket without some tropical moonlight and love in the air.

Culture trips and lazing around

On the next few days, we decided to explore our surroundings and finally leave our Phuket luxury hotel, just to get some additional experiences. So we booked a culture tour, we left our resort, and with our specialized guide, we went sightseeing, and shopping for bargains at the local markets, buying tribal art pieces and tasting local street food, spicy and delicious as the location itself.  Our Phuket romance was reached its highest point on an afternoon soaking at the outdoor tub, with all the beautiful trees above us, and enjoying each other in our private villa, staring at the bright blue sky, in our own type of paradise.

It’s hard to say goodbye

Leaving Naka, was harder than I imagined. When   booking our stay, I was only thinking of the ideal couple hotel in Phuket, but by the time we were leaving, I was already feeling that t is only too hard for me to leave the sunny, sandy and exotic beach, our beloved private villa, the cocktails, the food and everything in between. I went on our romantic honeymoon in Phuket, only to find that this is a place I must come back to, not only to put more things off my list of what to do in Phuket, but just to be there, in the absolute beauty one more time, with my husband. Let’s hope that one of our anniversaries will bring us back here!