If you want a romantic getaway with your other half, without breaking the bank or repeating the same mundane activities, head over to the Maldives! The place itself truly looks like a postcard or a stock image that features the typical sunny skies, clear blue lagoons, colorful fish and aquatic animals such as baby sharks and stingrays beside a pearly white sand beach. 

For those who are planning on visiting the Maldives, you're in luck! The resorts are all secluded villas that are tucked into lush forests or private lagoons. The tropical backdrop, tranquility of the islands and distance from large crowds makes resorts in the Maldives extra special.

Photo Credits: Kandima Maldives

Being in a hot region, you may feel the urge to constantly jump into the waters to cool off. Fortunately, there are plenty of cool romantic things that you can do in a resort at the Maldives!

  • Explore Maldives' Colorful Aqua Life through Snorkelling
  • Enjoy a Relaxing Massage for Two on the Beach
  • Enjoy a Romantic Dinner on the beach in the Evening
  • Watch the Sunset from your Over-water Villa
  • Spend a day Sunbathing & Swimming on a White-Sand Beach
  • Go Sunset Fishing & Catch your Dinner by yourself!
Photo Credits: Kandima Maldives

Kandima Maldives: The Koolest Resort in the Maldives!

Kandima Maldives, or you can simply call it the Koolest Romantic Resort in the Maldives - and, of course, the best place to be to do the activities in this article. If you want to go diving, swimming, fishing or on a boat ride, head over to its own private beach where you can participate in all of them. 

Or if you want to visit a spa, head to the resorts' gorgeous private spa. Being conveniently located near the city center makes it easy to reach other popular resort attractions such as dining underwater or riding in a submarine. 

Photo Credits: Dreaming of Maldives

And, if you feel hungry after a long day of activities, Kandima Maldives has a diversity of bars, beach bars, pool bars and restaurants for you to indulge in. It's definitely the best place to be for your cool but romantic holidays in the Maldives.

Photo Credits: Kandima Maldives

Explore Maldives' Colorful Aqua Life through Snorkelling

Photo Credits: Kandima Maldives

Whether you are experienced with snorkelling or not, there is a location and program for you! Opt for self-snorkelling tours to find your adventurous side or join a guided tour for safety and a structured routine. Nothing is more romantic than swimming with your partner among coral reefs in beautiful, clear waters. Examining the colorful aquatic life will not only bring out your inner child but also tug at your partner's heart strings when they see how big your smile is.

Enjoy a Relaxing Massage for Two on the Beach

Photo Credits: Kandima Maldives

After being trapped in the heat and sun for so long, you may want to cool down and unwind. What better way than to visit a spa and un-do those knots! In the Maldives, you can even request for a private sand massage by the beach! Or, select massages featuring virgin olive oil for immediate rejuvenation.  


Enjoy a Romantic Dinner on the Beach in the Evening

Photo Credits: Kandima Maldives

After a long day of walking and sightseeing, there is nothing better than settling into a nice beach chair and eating some good quality grub! There are plenty of romantic dinner options on the beaches of the Maldives. You can choose between barbecues, beach grill, lobster menus and more, but the hardest option may be deciding which to Instagram first - the gorgeous beach view or the decadent array of dishes in front of you! If you time it right, you may even to eat dinner on the beach while the sun is setting!

Watch the Sunset from your Over-Water Villa

Photo Credits: Kandima Maldives

Arguably, the Maldives is home to the best sunsets in the world. Days and afternoons in the Maldives are boiling hot, so expect a nice change as the temperature drops and the cool breeze of the waters settle in. When the days reach an end, you will see the magical transformation of the waters turn into a golden color, creating unique ripples and illusions as you sit from your over-water villa soaking in the view. Every evening at around 6pm, the same routine occurs over and over again. People gather facing the sun setting, with their phones and cameras ready. For a few moments, all you can hear is silence, as you enjoy the stunning and majestic sunset and marvel at how it is real.

#KoolPlaces: The Best Places to be in the Maldives

Kool Activities are perfectly fine, but how about the koolest places to be in the Maldives? Yes, you heard right!   Kandima Maldives has created various fun venues where we be you and your other half would love to be.

SNAP! For a gorgeous photo shooting on a pristine white-sand beach and turqoise waters on the background? Just go for a Snap! Feeling artistic? Join the special painting and craft classes, and unleash your creativity at the Art Studio.

For a present to your loved one, or to yourself, opt for the Kool Stuff & Awesome Stuff of the resort's boutique. There, you will find beach clothing, accessories, jewellery, local souvenirs and personal care products that will ease your shopping addiction.

Lastly a hot session at the Burn Fitness Pavilion @ esKape Spa will help you keep those muscles tight with special fitness programs including Aerial Yoga, TRX, and Pilates.

Spend a day Sunbathing & Swimming on a White-Sand Beach

Photo Credits: Kandima Maldives

For couples who aren't really looking for anything to do other than just relax, you've come to the right place! The Maldives with their tranquil seas and peaceful shores will transport you to paradise. With plenty of beaches and open shores, you can basically jump in anywhere you see water and enjoy swimming in the warm ocean! Make sure to bring some extra change so that you can pay for the optional sunbeds and umbrellas that resorts sometimes charge for. 

Go Sunset Fishing & Catch your Dinner by yourself!

Photo Credits: Kandima Maldives

What's more romantic than watching the sunset on the shores of a beach? Actually being on the water, fishing while chasing the sunset on your boat! Lucky for you, your dream can become a reality! With plenty of package options to choose between, fishing will come easily to you. Experienced boat crew will take you out onto the sea, where they will provide you with long fishing lines and teach your proper techniques on how to capture the greatest amount of fish! Carrying your large bag of fish on your back after a long day of fishing, nothing is more rewarding than grilling your fresh catch over a fire and enjoying all of your hard work!