Czech Republic is known for its vivid history, arts, and literature, while the famous writer Franz Kafka, is descendant from this central European country. Me and my husband had already visited all the beautiful must places in Prague, but we still haven’t visited what makes me most excited about this country: the amazing castles! Then my partner   found the most amazing castle hotel in Czech Republic, and booked a stay for us, to celebrate our three years anniversary in one of the best luxury hotels in the country, Hotel Heralec!


Arriving at the magical castle!

We arrived to Chateau Herálec Boutique Hotel & Spa by L'Occitane by car, and I was amazed by the magnificence of the castle and its historic character. On the same time, despite the strong first impression, the castle gave us a very warm and familiar feeling, as it resembled our childhood’s fairytales. The friendly staff welcomed us, and escorted us to our luxury suite by the forest lake. The view from our suite was breathtaking as Vysocina area where the Heralec is located, is spread with forests and woods, to comfort any hints of city life by the moment you enter this scenery! I love the decoration of the room, the spaciousness, the comfortable bed, and I was most pleased with the artworks from the famous painter Alois Kalvoda!

After enjoying a short rest, we began our Czech republic holidays, at our magical castle hotel!

Pampering for couples…

Since we were visiting a hotel that includes a spa, it was my first priority to make the most out of it, and especially since I knew that the spa area was curated by one of my favorite cosmetic brands, L’Occitane! The spa area was top quality as expected, with all the needed equipment to truly pumper yourself, and of course, the best care products, that respect nature and humans in the purest way. After a good rejuvenating massage for two, and some special face and body masks, we relaxed at the privacy of the old turret, having a glass of prosecco, in the candlelit Whirlpool, feeling like these Czech holiday is really made for couples.

Amazing dinner at the castle’s restaurant!

On our first night, we decided to book a dinner at the Honoria restaurant, which is situated in the oldest part of the castle. From what we’ve read, this restaurant is included in the list of things to do in Czech Republic, as the head chef has created a menu that presents in a creative way the origins of the Czech cuisine. We ordered the tasting menu, which came with wine pairing for each dish. It was the perfect combination of fine dining, and comfort, as we never felt like we were not at home, and still we tasted amazing delicacies, off the degustation menu. 

I will never forget that amazing Creamy chanterelle soup, with egg and dill, as well as the unique dessert with apricots and meringue. We order an additional glass of champagne, and made a toast to another wonderful three years of marriage! I would definitely recommend to anyone who visits the country to drive to Heralec, just to enjoy this gastronomic experience.

Picnic in the woods for two!

After a full night sleep under the roof of this glorious renovated castle we felt full of energy, and ready to explore our surroundings! Since it was a sunny spring day, we decided to take the opportunity and rent one of the convertible cars that the hotel offers to the guests. One thing that a visitor in Czech Republic should definitely do, is to drive through the country, to grasp all the beauty of this country at its best, especially in springtime! We made sure to get one of the picnic baskets that our luxury hotel can prepare for the guests, and that definitely was the best part of our plan. 

We drove among the trees and the water streams, and we eventually discovered a blooming meadow, we sopped the open roof car, and we took our lunch on the ground. The picnic basket provided us with local choices, such as a selection of fruits and nuts, freshly made sandwiches, olives, and a selection of drinks, but we enjoyed the prosecco most of all. As we were heading back to our hotel, I couldn’t but feel like a movie star, with my scarf dancing at the wind as we drove in the little picturesque streets with our convertible!

Last day of our well-spent anniversary!

On our last day, we enjoyed the amazing breakfast at the Agasia café, located in our luxury hotel in Czech Republic, where except our meal, we enjoyed a beautiful view of the chateau partner.  Then  we spend some extra time on the spa, since I wanted to go back home fully relaxed from our Czech holiday, and my partner did not seem to mind, as he was also enjoying the attention as much as I did. Later on, we decided to have a walk at the English park of the castle surroundings, where we found ourselves lying on the grass reading our books, hugged, under the clear blue sky. Definitely one of the most romantic things to do in Czech Republic.

For our goodbye dinner, I insisted on going again at the Honoria, to taste the rest of the menu, and my partner also insisted on booking the Lounge in the Tower, only for us two. Under the candle light we had our anniversary dinner, accompanied by a very interesting wine from the castle’s wine cellar. Going back home the next day, only made me want to come back in winter, to enjoy the location painted in white. Now, when my friends ask me where to stay in Czech Republic, I always recommend the Hotel Heralec, and I can’t wait to celebrate another occasion!