Santorini island is regarded as the best honeymoon destination in Greece, featuring some of the top luxury suites in the country, which literally make your dreams come true.

The Mediterranean climate, the imposing volcano, the unique colored beaches, the white-blue traditional houses, the golden sunsets and the pink-domed churches create a quiet and romantic scenery for just married couples or couples in-love!

The picturesque white buildings built into the cliff upgrade Santorini into the top honeymoon destination! This magic island is full of luxury suites for dreamy escapes in the Cyclades. Most luxury rooms are situated in caves, while most of them provide stunning views to the breathtaking caldera and the Mediterranean. While most of the rooms don’t have full privacy (since they are built on a cliff), you will be able to find a special range of rooms suitable for honeymooners that will provide you the privacy and seclusion you require, unobstructed sea views and outdoor heated Jacuzzis. 

Surprise your loved one by making a dinner reservation at a cliff side restaurant or by organizing a private candlelit dinner at your private balcony, facing the caldera and the volcano! Launch your dining experience and enjoy a culinary exploration with delicious traditional Greek dishes and the famous wine regions of Santorini.

As Santorini is luxurious by nature, the breathtaking stiff cliffs, the mesmerizing sunsets, the picturesque streets and the white-blue churches will indulge you to the most romantic walks that will be long remembered. No matter where you come from,  if you are looking for the ideal setting for your Honeymoon, Santorini should definitely be among your top choices! See below a luxury collection of the best hotels and honeymoon suites in Santorini and live a privilege truly experience!

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