When it comes to travelling, a vast majority of students imagine lots of money, intense planning, and months of the preliminary economy. But, as a matter of fact, student travelling facilities might be endless, even without dozens of money. But how to travel on a shoestring budget? Professional essay writers from EssayShark have compiled a list of top five ideas for student travels on a shoestring budget. Read on to get acquainted with the freshest ideas for your travelling, even if you’re kind of low on financial resources.

1. International Volunteering

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Number one in our list is something that is genuinely underestimated by most students. Keeping in mind that volunteering is a fascinating opportunity to help people all across the globe, international opportunities should be mentioned. Some programs, such as Erasmus+ provide accommodation, at the same time, covering flight expenses.

So, you might see the world even without having thousands of dollars. And by the way, these programs are unique chances for making the world a better place to live and travel freely at the same time. So, international volunteering might be a decent choice for travelling, even if a student is on a low budget.

2. Low-cost Flights

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One of the most wonderful ideas when it comes to the economy is a preference for low-cost flights. Basically, if you’re striving for travelling without excessive comfort and additional services, you should think twice while choosing a flight ticket.

Low-cost flights are perfectly suitable for college students, especially those striving for low-budget travelling. In some sense, you might eliminate additional expenses just by choosing low-cost flights over business class or other premium deals. Since most of the travelling expenses are transportation, you might save hundreds of dollars easily.

What makes low-cost so appealing is an exceptional variability of flights and destinations. Keeping this in mind, you might travel all across the globe in 2019 by using only low-cost airlines. Isn’t it amazing? Regardless of what is your personal attitude to low-cost flights, you should definitely consider them for the student’s travelling on a low-budget.

3. Couchsurfing

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Another considerable category of expenses is accommodation. If you want to save money, at the same time, making new acquaintances and friends, Couchsurfing might be your option. Couchsurfing is a unique opportunity to be hosted by one of the members of a unique community.

Wherever you travel, just be sure to check whether any hosts are willing to host you. By sharing either a bed, couch, or even a floor, you might get hosted absolutely for free. Not only this idea is valuable in terms of saving money but also an outstanding chance to meet locals easily. Since Couchsurfing is a unique community itself, they use the mobile application titled Couchsurfing, which we also advise using for travelling purposes.

No money ever exchanges hands, which is an irreplaceable dogma of Couchsurfing community. Speaking of the value, we suppose that Couchsurfing is a real chance for students to travel on a shoestring budget. Therefore, don’t forget checking whether anyone is willing to host you wherever you happened to be during your travel.

4. Student Discounts

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Obviously, students should not forget about their alma maters even abroad. The crucial point is that student discounts are widely offered in any place across the globe. So, one of the most apparent ways of saving money while traveling for students is using your student discounts wisely.

We commonly recommend asking whether there is a student discount literally everywhere. In some instances, you might be surprised by the fact that student discounts exist in a wide range of conditions and circumstances. So, you might even lower the estimated expenses while planning a tour by relying on your student card or student ID. Don’t forget visiting local museums, art centers, malls, and unique attractions, which generally offer generous offers to students.

In such regard, student discounts should be something that you should use in all possible scenarios. In case you’re uncertain of whether a student discount would be accepted or not, kindly check the website of the place you’re willing to visit. Regardless of what that place is, it will offer unique student discounts in 99.9% of cases.

5. Hitchhike

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Yeah, we totally believe that hitchhiking has a controversial reputation, especially in North America. Notwithstanding, hitchhiking might become the only way for students to travel on a shoestring budget.

In a wide range of Eastern European, Scandinavian, and even Australian locations, hitchhiking is easy and safe. If you’re brave enough to try hitchhiking, you should definitely do so. Although the rules for hitchhiking are now strictly limited by state governments, you should check whether a country you’re willing to hitchhike in allows this travelling method.

If you’ve ever tried it at least once, you are already aware of how amazing it might be to take long roads with complete strangers in a completely unknown location. Although it might seem to be scary at first glance, hitchhiking is still a wonderful experience for students willing to travel with little money.

Final Remarks

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So, you should definitely try one of the aforementioned ideas for the student’s travelling with little money. Regardless of what idea you choose, you would definitely save money by following one of these concepts. So, be sure to select what best fits your preferences and go ahead in the direction of amusing student travelling, even if it takes place with a shoestring budget. Good luck and take care of yourself!