One of South East Asia's most popular and gorgeous places to visit is definitely Hoi An! Located in Vietnam, this charming place is ideal for travellers seeking for historical places with rich cultural characteristics. The Ancient Town of Hoi An is impressively well-preserved and will allure you with its scenic small alleys, delicious eateries with unique culinary creations and friendly people. But before booking your tickets, Travel by Interest gives you the 5 things you should know before visiting Hoi An, as well as the best hotels to stay in!

Hoi An, Vietnam | Travel by Interest

1. What to eat

More often than not, tourists prefer to eat western servings of food because they are the safe choice, but in Hoi An it is not the best one. The main reason is that venues that sell western type food, are usually expensive while having low-quality servings. The best choice is to pick local treats to satisfy your hunger. As you can guess the prices are good, contrary to the usual fast food stores. Residents love their recipes, thus culinary creations in street venues and restaurants that specialize in traditional dishes are usually much better in quality. You may find it hard to order since the menus are usually written in Vietnamese, but if you do your research prior to traveling, you will be more than ready. Read our special article about Vietnamese creations, so as to be ready to order! Or, feel free to engage with locals and let them guide you through their unique cuisine.

2. Are you a good biker?

You may be used to easy public transportation, but in Hoi An the best way to roam around and move places is by bike! Bicycles are usually provided by the hotel, or in special rental stores. It’s fun and is what the residents use, so you definitely get in touch with the local lifestyle! A quicker option, if you are a brave traveler, is to rent a motorbike instead. Again, there are multiple spots where you can get one. So, be prepared to wear a helmet.

Hoi An, Vietnam | Travel by Interest

3. Prep your Body Language Skills

Fluent English speaking is not a common thing in Vietnam in general and Hoi An is not an exception. People working at touristic spots and businesses can communicate with travelers in a good level, but most of Hoi An’s residents are more of the body language types. Although asking ‘How Much’ may not help you, you can always point and smile, and you’ll get the information needed. People are hospitable and will help you out, even in areas that are outside of tourist attractions.

4. Forget Late Night Parties

When spending your holidays in a new destination, exploring the nightlife is on your must-do list. So, one more thing to know about Hoi An is that just like other Asian destinations, the majority if not all of night venues close down at midnight. People still may roam around after that, but the bars are shut. Despite that, there are a couple of spots that may be open after midnight and one of them is the ‘Why Not Bar’ (check the Google Map Coordinates Here).

5. Real Internet Detox

Wi-fi is an issue in Hoi An, so you will definitely get a partial Internet detox when spending your vacation in this area of Vietnam. While internet access is available in hotels, resorts, and guesthouses, you will not find connection easily in other spots. Restaurants, bars, and cafes usually will offer you the code, but the speed is slow and definitely not suitable for sending multiple e-mails and catching up with business. In any case, sim cards with gigabytes for quickly engaging is some basic online activities, can be purchased.