You wander the world for your whole life, and still, you won't complete the entire world's sightseeing. Most life excursions lie around escaping to one of the favorite dream destinations, spending some time with your favorite people, and sipping the best wine from the glass while being nostalgic about each one's life stories. How mesmerising the time would be when you had shared beers with your friends or had wine with your beloved! There are awe-inspiring sites in the world inviting millions of tourists each year for a visit at least once in a lifetime. However, some exceptional wineries in the world are surprisingly stunning and surreal, too!

Not only the wines taste real and authentic in vineyards, but also the experience of wine tasting and wine tours is impeccable. While you can learn about the grape cultivation, complete procedure of winemaking, and different varieties of wines, you can also rejoice to have lunch in a vineyard cellar or family wine cave restaurant. This time, there is no guide, but we have shortlisted the most beautiful and best five wineries in the world that you should visit once. From incredible landscapes to the most exclusive and elegant wines in the world, these five wineries are heaven on earth! 

1. Domaine Carneros Winery, Napa Valley, California

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No list or summary about wineries can exclude one from the Napa Valley in California. California has one of the most captivating landscapes out of all the US state provinces. With a slight inspiration from France's wineries, Domaine Carneros in Napa Valley beats all the other wineries of its kind. With a similar touch of the 18th-century dated château-style building from Epernay, France, Domaine Carneros also has an ancient building peeping out at the hilltop views. With the finest labor inside and richest fields outside, the building is a legendary architectural piece for localities.

This building is the symbol of a joint venture between France's company Champagne Taittinger and Kobrand Corporation. The vineyards are unbelievably beautiful, and it mostly cultivates grapes for Chardonnay and Pinot Noir wines. Besides, this winery also produces and sells sparkling wines and still wines. The hospitality at Domaine Carneros always awaits wine lovers and is nothing to be doubted. The French-style gardens are the center of attraction there! 

2. Lavaux Vineyards, Switzerland

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A plethora of wineries in the world hold a remarkable reputation. None Other than the Lavaux Vineyards in Switzerland stands on the rank one! Crowned as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Lavaux Vineyard in Switzerland are flourished flawlessly in 30 km lands beside the lake Geneva and dates back to the eleventh century. The terraced vineyards in Lavaux have established in 830 hectares of land busy in cultivating Chasselas grapes and developing a crisp white wine out of it. 

We can say UNESCO protects the vineyards well because the dignity of pastel farmhouses in the vineyards and the surrounding scenic beauty is intact! Not only the Lavaux Vineyards are a must-visit destination but also the Lausanne nearby it is the center of attraction. Lausanne has bistros and restaurants awaiting tourists all year long. You can have the best food and local wine ready to go in Lausanne. 

3. Château Ducru Beaucaillou Winery, France

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France is the best collection of vintage wines and vivid vineyards at a single stop. Whether it is Bordeaux, Alsace, or Burgundy, France remained favorite amid the oenophiles for ages. Distanced 25 miles from the blissful Bordeaux wine regions, Château Ducru Beaucaillou winery is one of the gems in France's world of wines! The winery is in the 18th-century old-stoned castle with magnificent classical looks. 

Giving the bird-eye view of Gironde estuary, Ducru Beaucaillou has comparatively small but significant winemaking provinces. While you can sip the luxurious Louis XIII Cognac in Western France's Cognac regions, you can hit on Ducru Beaucaillou winery for a visit in Southwest France, too! The winery has galore gardens and jaw-dropping fields. They mostly produce Cabernet Sauvignon (70%) and Merlot (30%) in its vineyards. 

4. Yarra Yering Winery, Yarra Valley, Australia

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Since Australia never lags in possessing some spectacular places in the world, it so does not step aside in having wondrous wineries, too! From a wine connoisseur to a teetotaller, anybody can get hypnotized with the alluring Winelands in Yarra Valley. If you want to find what a world-class winery looks like, visit the Yarra Yering Winery in Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia. 

From the Australian winemaking pioneers, Bailey Carrodus established it in 1973, and now it owes an irreplaceable reputation for its wines globally. The Yarra Yering Winery, densely populated with dairies, breweries, fruit farms, wine cellars, and grape fields, produces dry reds, dry whites, Chardonnay, and Shiraz in most of its cellars. This award-winning winery has a condition of fruit quality first over anything else! 

5. Marqués De Riscal Winery, Spain

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It's indeed tough to mold a ravishing restaurant into splendid architecture outside. Thanks to Frank O. Gehry, who made 'The City of Wine' or should I say it 'Hotel Marqués de Riscal' in Spain! The structure of the hotel is an architectural wonder one of its kind and the 19th-century wine cellars, both, are the heart of the Rioja Alavesa region in Spain. 

The eye-catchy photos of this only incredible winery in the world will make you admire its very existence! From Tempranillo to Sauvignon Blanc, from its special roses to extraordinary organic, Marqués De Riscal nails its wines. Now the count of medals and several awards to the Marqués De Riscal's wines have summed up to endless. Book a wine tour and know how it's exclusive.  

Concluding Words

Along with the most exquisite dining experiences, you get to taste the most elegant wines of the world in these wineries. And in case you want to travel to Europe for this, here are the best hotels in Europe with the most interesting winery experiences. Think little and hit them in 2021!