Europe is amazing not just because you can visit ancient sites and enjoy local traditions and customs. Europe is famous for having lots of cities that are gay-friendly. Europe has become an amazing place to visit various festivals, LGBT friendly events, gay clubs or restaurants, etc. 

If you are planning a tour or simply want to choose a certain destination in Europe, you might benefit from this short guide about the most LGBTQ friendly restaurants and bars in Europe. Below you will learn more about the top 10 bars and restaurants in Europe. Note that this article does not reflect a rating, all bars and restaurants are simply the most popular attractions in Europe.

1. Berghain (Berlin, Germany)

Bizarra, exquisite, and legendary - these are several words you may use to describe probably one of the most famous nightclubs in the whole world. The club is known among tourists and everyone wants to get in - this is exactly what makes the club so famous, or rather infamous. It’s a known fact that getting in Berghain is a challenging task, and sometimes it’s even impossible. But that is what makes it so exciting.


It is known for great events and amazing parties, but if you want to get in, you have to get ready for some waiting time. Sometimes, visitors have to wait for around 2 hours and there is no guarantee you will get in due face control. Users who have managed to get in and to enjoy all the fun in the club affirm that a visitor has to be sober (or at least not drunk), adequate, reasonable, and gay.

2. Panti Bar (Dublin, Ireland)

There are no bad bars in Dublin, everyone knows that. But what makes Panti Bar special is its crazy weekends and LGBTQ related events. It’s recommended to visit Panti Bar during weekends since the bar hosts fun events. If you want to see one of the best drag shows, then Panti Bar is definitely a “must visit”. The bar is famous for the performances of one of the most popular queens of drag in Dublin - Panti Bliss.

3. Bar Diamonds (Maspalomas, Gran Canaria, Spain)

This bar has the freshest, tasty, and amazing cocktails in the whole Maspalomas town. If you are planning on visiting Spain, but you can’t decide which resort to choose, you may pick Maspalomas. It’s a great town for gay couples, you may celebrate life here on a beach with white sand and blue sea. You may even meet Samantha Fox or some gay icons in Maspalomas. And as for the bar Diamonds, it offers a lot of fun ways to spend the night.

4. King Kong (Stockholm, Sweden)

This nightclub is famous in Sweden since it offers great music to enjoy. DJs know what to do and how to make the public dance. Moreover, there are two big rooms in the club, so you may choose the music depending on your tastes. 

5. The Molly House (Manchester, UK)

If you are into something cozier and less loud like in the case of nightclubs, The Molly House is a perfect place for you. It has a fantastic interior and great food. So, you may visit a real pub without even visiting Ireland. It's a great place for the representatives of the LGBTQ community. They have even held workshops on marketing, writing, photography, and other topics from time to time.

6. Club Church (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

It wouldn't be fair not to mention at least one attraction from Amsterdam. So here it is, Club Church. Knowing parties in Amsterdam, you can tell that this club has nothing to do with “church” even though it has it in the name of the club. It is known for wild parties and great thematic nights. If you are visiting Amsterdam, make sure you sneak into this amazing club and have some real fun.

7. RAIDD Bar (Paris, France)

Paris, the most romantic city on Earth. Known for great ancient architecture, museums, and of course, the famous Eiffel Tower. But you already know that. What you might not know is that Paris also has great LGBTQ friendly bars and clubs, like RAIDD Bar. You may enjoy nice performances, music, or even a gay scene in the RAIDD Bar. 

8. Alterego (Budapest, Hungary)

If you love the combination of industrial style with glam, you will like this bar. It's not even a bar, it's an interesting mixture of a bar and a club. It certainly has a very unique atmosphere and you will just love it. The music is amazing, the interior is great and trendy, the drinks are certainly amazing, and the performances are unforgettable.

9. SchwuZ (Berlin, Germany)

And now let's return to Germany again since this country is a real heaven for gays and overall for the LGBTQ community. SchwuZ is famous for the unique atmosphere, great music, and for being a place where people from the LGBTQ+ spectrum can dance and have fun. You may enjoy music and various performances as well as some events during weekends. It’s a great place to visit in Germany.

10. Royal Vauxhall Tavern (London, UK)

Specific theme nights, various fun events, and a little bit of everything for every flavor - those are several facts about the Royal Vauxhall Tavern. It's a famous place to have fun with friends or with loved ones. You will never regret visiting this place and you will gain unforgettable memories.