September in Santorini combines great weather conditions with better prices than July and August, which tend to be the hottest and most crowded months in the island. By planning your vacations from mid-to-late September in Santorini, you should expect not only to enjoy the warm and pleasant weather but also the sea water, which has the ideal temperature for endless swimming. Most probably you will meet lots of people on the island, however Santorini never gets too crowded in September, allowing you to find amazing suites with stunning Caldera views, at rather reasonable prices.

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Locals say that the weather in Mykonos during September is the best, with the sea still being warm and the island becoming less busy, creating the ideal scenery for relaxing holidays. The vivid nightlife that Mykonos is famous for starts slowing down, while the shops have great discounts, meaning that you can find amazing deals. As for your accommodation, you will surely find great offers for beautiful and elegant rooms with views over the old and new harbors, or near the famous and fabulous Myconian beaches! See the best hotels to stay in Mykonos during September.


Being the largest island of Greece, Crete is ideal for extending your Summer holidays in Greece.  During September, the island is always less crowded than the summer months, but almost everything is still open — from tourist attractions to small traditional shops and restaurants, which are usually filled with local people and tourists. By visiting Crete on September, you can get really good hotel prices, combined with beautiful rooms to stay, gorgeous weather and warm & pleasant swimming conditions! See the best hotels in Crete for holidays in September.


Rhodes might be one of the most popular islands in Greece, however, it has managed to maintain its natural and wild beauty, and the majority of the areas of Rhodes seem to be untouched by tourism. September is the best month to visit Rhodes if you are looking for a combination of great weather conditions and lower prices. While Rhodes is an affordable destination for holidays at any time of the year, especially on September there are amazing deals for both family holidays and romantic escapes. See the best hotels in Rhodes for holidays in September.


September is a beloved month for holidays in Corfu, as the temperature becomes lower but the sea water remains pleasantly warm. The weather is mostly sunny, but it can also get pretty rainy on some days, which proves why Corfu has so much green. During September, prices are also becoming lower, while the majority of the visitors have already left, giving way to the more quiet visitors, looking to explore the hidden beauties and the romantic ambiance of Corfu’s old town. Discover elegant rooms in Corfu that promise to rejuvenate you!