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Indonesia Food Guide

A guide to help you find the best hotels & places in Indonesia for Food lovers


106 Indonesia Hotels
for Food lovers


106 Indonesia Hotels for Food lovers

Culinary Travels in Indonesia - thousands of delicious dishes to try!

Comprising of more than 16,000 islands, Indonesia could not but also have thousands of delicious dishes to try, hence Indonesian cuisine is one of the top reason you should plan to travel in this tropical archipelago.

Indonesian Food Culture

The friendly people of Indonesia belong to multicultural, multilingual and multi-ethnic groups, as thus creating a diverse and colourful food culture. Indonesian cuisine is influenced mainly by the food cultures of ChineseEuropean, Middle Eastern, and Indian, while the indigenous culture also plays an important role to the local food tradition of every island and city.

Nowadays, Indonesia has one of the world’s greatest cuisines and is especially characterized by its intense flavour and its great variety of dishes. The country’s equatorial climate provides the perfect weather conditions for cultivating rice, soybeans and spices, which are also the main staple food ingredients that you will find almost in every dish. Coconut milk and chicken are also basic food components, while the clear waters that surround the Indonesian islands could not but also offer an abundance of excellent fish and seafood.

Where and What to eat in Indonesia

With so many thousands of islands to visit, keep in mind that only 8000 of those are inhabited. On the populated areas, you will find restaurants which in Indonesia are known as “rumah makan” while less formal places to eat are the so-called “warung”, small family-owned eateries very commonly found.

The local eateries warung are the best places to look for especially if you are craving to taste the regional specialities, like the roasted pig babi guling in UbudBali. Moreover, having a lunch or dinner in a Warung is much affordable since tourist restaurants tend to charge at least three times as much for the same meal.

After all, wherever you choose to travel, when dining in Indonesia, you are typically going to have a separate plate first filled with steamed rice, following a mix of vegetables, meat or seafood with other contrasting flavours on the side. The base of Indonesian dishes is rice (“nasi”) while local spices and chilli peppers give special and unique flavour to food. However, despite the use of spices and peppers, Indonesian food is not very hot or spicy.

Some of the most popular dishes to try in Indonesia are Nasi Goreng, fried rice with spices, and Gado-Gado, stir-fried vegetables topped with peanut sauce. While the official national dish of Indonesia is Tumpeng, a cone-shaped rice dish with several types of side dishes around it.

Smart tip:

The island of Bali is the most popular tourist destination of Indonesia attracting many travellers looking to immerse in its beautiful beaches, luxury resorts, and delicious food. Bali is a Hindu Island as thus it is also the best place to taste pork dishes since Indonesia is a Muslim country making it really difficult such dishes outside Bali. Apart from tasty regional dishes, Bali has a plethora of restaurants serving western and international flavours as well as world-known fast food chains. 

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The Best Hotels with Restaurants and Dining Resorts in Indonesia

Surrounded by dramatic landscapes and white-sand coastlines, the islands of Indonesia have a plethora of seaside resorts and high-quality hotels and villas nestled within tropical forests, all of which offer diverse dining options ranging from regional delicacies to popular international flavours.

Dining with soft sand between your toes and stars glistening above or within the privacy of your room’s exotic balcony, are very common gastronomic experiences in the island of Bali. While you can even participate in interesting classes that will teach you how to cook your favourite Indonesian food back at home.

The Royal Purnama, Art Suites And Villas,  is one of the best dining hotels to stay in Bali offering cooking classes where you will learn to prepare popular Balinese dishes and afterwards you will enjoy your meal in front of the ocean.

Find below the best dining hotelsexotic villas and beach resorts with gourmet restaurants and lounge bars in Indonesia!

The Top Places in Indonesia for Food Travelers

Whichever tourist destination you may visit in Indonesia you will find an extensive array of restaurants ranging from casual cheap eateries to upscale restaurants serving local delicacies and international pleasures!

See our collection with the best places for culinary journeys in Indonesia!

Food Tips

The most popular dishes in Indonesia are Nasi Goreng, Gado-Gado, Sate and Sato. The official national dish of Indonesia is Tumpeng and it's a cone-shaped rice dish with several types of side dishes around it.

Tropical fruits have a huge impact on the local Indonesian food culture and they are either eaten fresh, in juice or in sweets. Food markets sell all kinds of tropical and exotic fruits at pretty decent prices. The exotic fruit juices, such as avocado or mango are a delight for Indonesia holidays!

Indonesia was declared as the 4th biggest producer of coffee in 2014 with 25% of its exports being Arabica beans. There are more than 20 diversities of Arabica coffee in Indonesia, the majority of which is grown by smallholders. 

Places & Things to do
for Food lovers


Seminyak Beach

kids entertainment , swimming


Double Six Beach

gay beach , gay friendly , kids entertainment , swimming


Legian Beach

swimming , kids entertainment


Bawang Merah Beachfront Restaurant

traditional recipes , private dining , sunset view , asian food , local cuisine


Jimbaran Beach

swimming , kids entertainment


Dreamland Beach

swimming , sunset view , kids entertainment


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