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Indonesia Food Guide

A guide to help you find the best hotels & places in Indonesia for Food Lovers

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Indonesian cuisine is one of the world’s greatest cuisines and is especially characterized by its intense flavour and its great diversity of dishes. It is influenced by several other food cultures while the indigenous culture also plays a huge part on the local food tradition of every destination.

Sumatran cuisine has Middle Eastern and Indian influences, featuring dishes with curried meat like gulai and kari while Javanese cuisine is mainly influenced by the local tradition and, to a lesser extent, Chinese food culture.

Food Travel Tips

The base of Indonesian dishes is rice (“nasi”) while local spices and chili peppers give special and unique flavor to food. Despite the use of spices and peppers, Indonesian food is not very hot or spicy.
The restaurants in Indonesia are called “rumah makan” while less formal places to eat are the so-called “warung”, very commonly found.
When dining in Indonesia, you are typically going to have a separate plate first filled with steamed rice, following a mix of vegetables, meat or seafood of contrasting flavours on the side.
The most popular dishes in Indonesia are Nasi Goreng, Gado-Gado, Sate and Sato. The official national dish of Indonesia is Tumpeng and it's a cone-shaped rice dish with several types of side dishes around it.
Tropical fruits have a huge impact on the local Indonesian food culture and they are either eaten fresh, in juice or in sweets. Food markets sell all kinds of tropical and exotic fruits at pretty decent prices. The exotic fruit juices, such as avocado or mango are a delight for Indonesia holidays!
Indonesia was declared as the 4th biggest producer of coffee in 2014 with 25% of its exports being Arabica beans. There are more than 20 diversities of Arabica coffee in Indonesia, the majority of which is grown by smallholders. 

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