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Greece Gay Guide

A guide to help you find the best hotels & places in Greece for Gay travellers


650 Greece Hotels
for Gay travellers


650 Greece Hotels for Gay travellers

Greece Gay Guide 2020: What to know about Mykonos, Athens & other gay-popular destinations

For many gay travellers, Gay Greece is related to a certain island, the queen of gay life: Mykonos. Gay life in Greece, whatsoever, is much more than that. Greece has been developed so much the last years, that it is actually among the most liberal countries in Southeast Europe.

The Greek gay community enjoys the majority of the gay rights, including cohabitation, while it's fully protected by the government. Overall, Greek people are gay-friendly and familiar with gay lifestyle (especially in Athens and Mykonos), however, older generations are still coping with it.

The active gay community of Greece has led to the creation of a vivid gay scene in many major destinations, while its reputation among the gay travelers has been highly increased the last years. It's also a popular stop for various gay cruises as well as Europe's gay mecca for summer holidays. Let's discover some of the most gay-popular destinations in Greece.

Gay Athens is about gay clubbing, sightseeing, and making new contacts. The city boasts the most organized gay scene in Greece and its environment makes it great for both winter and early spring vacations. The city is home to numerous gay bars, which usually get crowded on Fridays and Saturdays. Most of the gay bars of Athens are found in Gkazi Area, but you will find a couple on Monastiraki as well. During the weekdays, gay clubs organize various special nights to attract crowds like Greek Mondays and Drag Thursdays.

Mykonos... Well, Greece is not only about Mykonos, but we would be lying if we said that Gay Mykonos is not something that every gay traveller should experience. Mykonos is popular as the gay island of Greece for like ages. It's visited by thousands of gay men every summer, and the locals are familiar with gay lifestyle. Don't be surprised if you find gay couples holding hands or kissing in public. Naturally, the best season to visit Mykonos is Summer. The island transforms into a big gay hotspot, so think of it as a gay bar, just bigger... much bigger. Elia Beach and Jackie Oare the most popular gay hotspots!

Gay Crete's
reputation is steadily on the rise, while its annual gay visitors surely exceed Mykonos'. The local gay scene of Crete is pretty unorganized, and the local gay community is discreet. You will find some traces of gay nightlife at Heraklion and Chania - the cities that attract the most gay crowds. To balance the lack of gay scene, Crete is home to numerous gay beaches. Most of them are discreet and hidden, but once you find them, you will realize that there is a lot of action going in Crete. Especially with married men.

Gay Santorini is about watching the sunset with your other half, or relaxing with a picture-perfect backdrop after your Mykonos Gay trip. Gay couples are in love with this island. It's not difficult to guess why: Santorini is among the most romantic destinations around the world to spend your honeymoon, no matter your sexuality. The elegant and romantic atmosphere of Santorini makes it an absolute "no" for single gay travelers!

Thessaloniki is the 2nd largest city in Greece, however, its gay scene is pretty discreet and underground. There are a couple of gay bars in the city's center while Thessaloniki is the home of the first transvestite bar in Greece. You will find gay men all over the city, especially in the unique and cozy cafe bistros in the center.

Islands like CorfuSyros, and Lesbos might not feature an organized gay life, only being the home to one, two or even none gay bars, however, gay travelers, especially Greeks, tend to visit them frequently for summer holidays. The majority of these islands have nudists beaches which are frequented by gay travellers, while, in some of them, you might even find gay-only beaches!

Talking about Greece, we could not but refer to its Mediterranean Atmosphere, Golden Sun, and Crystal-Blue beaches. There are actually numerous gay beaches around Greece, while the areas with no exclusively gay beaches usually feature a nudist beach that attracts mainly gay audiences. Limanakia in Athens is among the popular gay beaches in Greece!

Regarding the gay events in GreeceXLsior is definitely the most popular one, taking place in Mykonos while attracting many Gay Instagram "Celebrities". Moreover, the Gay Prides of Greece have peaked the interest of the gay locals, while many men from Europe visit Greece to support the gay community as well. The top gay Prides in Greece take place in AthensThessalonikiPatra, and Heraklion.

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The Best Gay-Friendly Hotels & Resorts in Greece

Whether you are visiting gay Greek islands and cities or alternative countryside destinations in Greece, you will find amazing gay-friendly hotels close to popular gay hotspots as well as spectacular resorts to relax by the beach! Greece might not be a gay's paradise everywhere, and there are not many exclusively gay hotels, but there are places, cities, beaches and islands that a gay traveler can really feel relaxed and welcomed. Greece is one of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide, as every year it welcomes more than 12 million tourists, placing it among the top ranked countries on the World Tourism Organization’s list. 

Find below the best hotels and resorts for Gay Holidays in Greece!

Gay Tips

The most popular online meeting platform in Greece is Planet Romeo, while Grindr and Scruff are the most famous gay mobile apps.

Thessaloniki is a city that excels in architecture and style. Gay Life in Thessaloniki is much different from the other major gay destinations in Greece.

Santorini has the perfect setting for your gay honeymoon or romantic trips. It is packed with romantic activities to do while watching the sunset in Santorini is a once-in–a-lifetime experience.

Lesvos island has a more relaxed environment attracting mainly lesbian audiences. Everything in this island is gay-friendly and you will meet gay couples almost everywhere.

Crete is a popular destination for gay holidays in Greece with several gay beaches and myriad of gay-friendly hotels and resorts ranging from budget to luxurious options.

Athens welcomes thousands of Gay & Lesbian visitors throughout the year. Hosting gay bars, clubs, restaurants, saunas and everything that a gay traveler would look for when visiting a major city.

Mykonos is the island-beacon of gay tourism. There is not a single gay traveler around the world who has not heard of Mykonos and it’s not weird at all. It features an organized gay life including several gay venues like gay cafes, bars, clubs, cabarets, beaches and more while it’s the center of several gay parties, especially in Summer.

The majority of the gay & lesbian rights have been granted to the local LGBT community including civil unions, military service & the right to change gender. There are also anti-discrimination laws.

The level of Gay Acceptance in Greece has never been so high. Greeks seem to have progressed a lot the last few years and homosexuality is no longer a taboo theme to discuss.

Places & Things to do
for Gay travellers


Rimondi Fountain

sightseeing , kids entertainment


Ababa Bar

cocktails & mixology drinks , coffee & drinks , gay friendly


Efkaliptos Bar

coffee & drinks , cocktails & mixology drinks , quick meals


Eleftherias Square

sightseeing , kids entertainment


To Paradosiako Tavern

traditional recipes , local cuisine


Lake Kournas

eco friendly , kids entertainment


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