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Gay Greece Travel Guide | A Mediterranean Gem!

Gay Greece for many is related to an island, which is not other than Mykonos, but gay life in Greece is so much more than that. Greece has grown so much the last years, that it is actually enlisted among the most liberal countries in Southeast Europe.

The Greek gay community enjoys the majority of the gay rights, including cohabitation agreement, while it's fully protected by the government. The locals are overall very gay-friendly, however, the older generations are not that open-minded yet.

The active gay community of Greece has led to the creation of a vivid gay scene in many Greek destinations, while its reputation among the gay travelers has been highly increased the last years, making a stop for various gay cruises as well as a gay mecca for summer holidays.

Athens is a great city to spend your gay holidays in winter and early spring. The city is the home to numerous gay places, which get crowded on Fridays and Saturdays. On the other days, like Sundays and Mondays, the gay clubs organize some special nights like Greek nights and Drag Sundays.

Mykonos... Well, Greece is not only about Mykonos, but we would be lying if we said that Mykonos is not a must-visit gay destination. Mykonos has won the heart of every gay traveler that has visited it, either we are talking about gay couples or single gay travelers.

Crete might not be a very popular gay destination, however, based on its annual visitors, it could easily host more gay travelers than Mykonos. The local gay scene of Crete is pretty unorganized, and the local gay community discreet. Cretan destinations like Heraklion and Agios Nikolaos are a must visit during summer!

Santorini might not be a popular destination for its thriving gay scene, however, gay couples are in love with it. It's not difficult to guess why, Santorini is among the most romantic destinations around the world, to spend your honeymoon, no matter your sexuality. The elegant and romantic atmosphere of Santorini makes it an absolute "no" for single gay travelers!

Thessaloniki is the 2nd largest city in Greece, however, its gay scene is pretty discreet and underground. There are a couple of gay bars in the city's center while there is a transvestite bar as well. You will find gay men all over the city, especially in the unique and cozy cafe bistros in the city's center.

Islands like Corfu, Syros, and Lesbos might not feature an organized gay life, only being the home to one, two or even none gay bars, however, gay travelers, especially locals, tend to visit them frequently for summer holidays. The majority of these islands have nudists beaches which are frequented by the gay visitors, while, in some of them, you might even find gay beaches!

XLsior in Mykonos is definitely the most popular gay event in Greece, being visited by many famous gay men from all over the world. 

The Best Gay-Friendly Hotels & Resorts in Greece

Whether you are visiting gay Greek islands and cities or alternative destinations in Greece, you will find amazing gay-friendly hotels close to popular gay hotspots as well as spectacular resorts to relax by the beach! Greece might not be a gay's paradise everywhere, and there are not many exclusively gay hotels, but there are places, cities, beaches and islands that a gay traveler can really feel relaxed and welcomed. Greece is one of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide, as every year it welcomes more than 12 million tourists, placing it among the top ranked countries on the World Tourism Organization’s list. 

Find below the best hotels and resorts for Gay Holidays in Greece!

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Hotels for Gay Travellers in Greece

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The Top Places in Greece for Gay Travellers

The city of Athens and the island of Mykonos are known for hosting some of the most popular gay bars and clubs in Greece!  Explore the gay-popular nudist beaches on Crete, Corfu, Skiathos, Rhodes, and Lesbos and the gay venues everywhere in big cities from Alexandroupoli to Xanthi. 

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