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Food is maybe one of the most important parts of your holidays, as it brings you closer to the destination's culture while giving you the opportunity for unique experiences. Either if you are a foodie or not, it is sure that when you are travelling to new destinations, you are actually interested to see the local traditions and, of course, the local eating habits! And, as it makes sense, you spend lots of time setting up your google maps, trying to find popular places that will offer you that experience! 

As weird as it may sound, your hotel will always be the reference point of your food experience, as it naturally hosts some of the "hungriest" moments of your trip. So, having great expectations of its cuisine is totally reasonable. But, can you remember if food has ever been a reason to book a hotel or recommend it to your friends? For me the answer is proudly "Yes!". When looking to book a hotel, design and price might come first, but when digging further, food and more especially, breakfast, can end up the reason for my hotel choice.

When examining the culinary aspects of a hotel, travellers' reviews are very important and, as it makes sense, if we find some positive comments, the hotel immediately gets a strong competitive advantage. After that, but of equal importance, I pay attention at the hotel's photos related to the cuisine that will give me a glimpse of the dishes and the "flavors". And, speaking about photos, I am not referring only at the official website of the hotel, but also at Social Media, or even in OTAs. The more "food content" I find about the hotel, the more convinced I feel that the hotel has something unique to offer to me.

Below you will find some of my top picks about Hotel Food Content that I find really useful for travel planning and our latest collection with 58 Hotels with Mouthwatering Dishes that Foodies will fall in love to inspire for your next trips.

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Hotel Breakfast sets the Rules!

Breakfast is one of the most important parts of the hotel experience, as it offers great comfort, making it almost the primary reason to book a hotel on a bed & breakfast basis. Having a clear view on what the hotel offers for breakfast can definitely help me take my final decision and proceed to book with it! Yes, breakfast is a booking factor. Besides the photos that will present the breakfast experience (like Mykonos Theoxenia that presents Breakfast overlooking the Mykonos Windmills), which in my opinion is a must-do. Videos can be useful as well. Especially when they are not too staged, like this great video of Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Bangkok, which, in collaboration with the famous food vlogger Mark Abroad and "The Hungry Tourist", gave a realistic approach of  hotel breakfast.

The Restaurant Setting completes the Experience!

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Food is better when you enjoy it at a unique place with cozy atmosphere and strong identity. And, all these are not hotel features that you have to discover only after visiting the hotel, but you need to see them before booking with it. It is great to know that you can have a cocktail overlooking the sunset, while waiting for your candlelit dinner. A Hotel Restaurant's design alongside its views can really convince you that this is the right hotel for you, as these facilities enough to make you realize that you will receive something more than the anticipated hotel experience.

Who are the people who are cooking for me?

 Hotel Splendide Royal

Photo by Christos Drazos for Hotel Splendide Royal. Click on the Photo to see the hotel!

As in the most of the cases, people are those who define experiences and their contribution will be the one making a difference. This happens with food as well! Travellers love to know the faces who will take care of their culinary experience and why not? Meet them and discover their secret tips about the local culture and cuisine! Meeting the "food crew" is definitely the most "welcoming call out" to familiarize yourself with the hotel. It is true that you can trust a hotel more, when it presents the faces behind the curtains!

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