Bangkok is widely known for its vibrant gay scene packed with several gay venues for all tastes including gay bars, go-go bars, gay clubs, gay saunas, gay cruising venues and more. There are also several gay events taking place in this beautiful city giving a unique and different tone to the local gay life each season.

In addition to the enriched gay life of Bangkok, the locals are also friendly and helpful, so you will feel very cozy and welcome. Please note that kissing in public should be avoided either by straight or gay couples because the locals find it inappropriate so we should respect that. The local food tradition is excellent as well, so you should not miss taking a taste of it. Let's dive further into the Gay Scene of Bangkok below.

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A Gay-Friendly Urban Resort 15-Minutes' Walk from The Gay Scene of Bangkok!

In order to explore the Gay Nightlife of Bangkok easily and without breaking a sweat, you need to pick your hotel carefully. And, more particularly, pick a hotel that's in or nearby Silom District. This is the place where all of the city's gay bars and clubs are located, you must be able to access it easily. Well, if you are thinking that you must start your hotel research from a scratch, we got great news for you. You don't have to.

Why? Because we found the perfect hotel for you. We are talking about none other than the exceptional   Banyan Tree Bangkok, residing only a 15 Minutes Walk from Silom District. The hotel stands out for its exceptional services and elegant architecture, while it's friendly and sense of privacy make it a beloved hotel option for many gay travelers. (families and couples included).

For accommodation, you can choose from a diversity of rooms. They are all spacious and ideal for both couples and small families up to 2 people + 2 children. The Spa Sanctuary Suite is another excellent room, if you want to combine wellness with your gay excursion. Some unique room facilities include aromatherapy burner with essential oils, a spa treatment room in suite, and the intimate moments bath menu.

The Gay Areas & Bars of Bangkok

The majority of the gay venues of Bangkok are located in the districts of Silom Soi 2, Silom Soi 4, Silom Twilight. If you like clubbing & partying, then Silom Soi 2 is the best choice for you, as it features a wide range of excellent clubs and bars. Silom Soi 4 This street is the most peaceful among the three streets. Here, you can find several gay Bars, Pubs, Restaurants & Cafe where you can have fun while chatting. Silom Twilight offers a more unique and naughty type of entertainment. There are several go-go dance clubs along the street where you can see hot erotic shows.

Nevertheless, we should note that Bangkok is like a big gay hotspot and you will find several gay people wherever you go. Certainly, these streets attract the majority of the gay locals and travellers but there are several excellent hotspots which might not be branded gay but they are surely worth the visit.

Gay Events in Bangkok

As the gay capital of Asia, Bangkok is naturally the host of several gay events every year. The local bars and clubs frequently host parties and themed night events like Karaoke nights but the most popular gay events are the sexy Go-Go dances and hilarious Drag Shows. 2019 is a great year to visit Bangkok as there will be several huge gay events taking place in it like gCircuit, White Party Bangkok, Maggie Choo and more. Some popular gay bars with sexy go-go dances are Dream Boy, Hot Male Boys, Tawan Bar, Classic and 4 Fun.

Gay Accommodation in Bangkok

There are several exclusively gay accommodation in Bangkok like small gay hotels and guesthouses but the majority of them will surely not provide you with the facilities offered in a hotel. If you want to stay in a gay friendly environment with excellent facilities that will upgrade your holidays, then find Gay-Friendly Hotels, Resorts and Villas in Bangkok Recommended by Travel by Interest.

Gay Bangkok | Travel by Interest

Thing to do in Bangkok - For Families, Couples & In-Between!

So, you found all the gay places and things to do in Bangkok and realized that your days there are full. Well, rest assure, cause Bangkok is a megacity with many things to do either you are a couple, single travellers, or even families. Starting from the so beloved couples, you can try a series of activities including romantic dinner under the stars, rooftop sunset cocktails, Thai Cooking Classes, Couples Massages, Sunset Klong Tours, a walk at the Lumpini Park, and exploration of the Historic Houses & Museums.

If you are travelling as a family, you can try family Thai cooking classes, family muay thai classes, tuk tuk tours of Bangkok, watching Siam Niramit, Bicycle Tours in Bangkok, visiting the awesome Ocean World or the ultimate facility for children, Kidzania. Bounce Bangkok is a huge trampoline that's also great for children. If you still have a couple days to fill out, you can check out this 3-day itinerary created by the hotel. You will love it!

Gay Cruising Venues in Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the top cities in the world to visit if you are looking for a hot cruising experience. The local gay cruising scene is pretty developed and the go-go dancers are a part of the local tradition. The most developed gay cruising venues in the city are definitely the gay saunas and massages. Other than these two gay venues, you will also find a couple gay cruising clubs and, of course, outdoor gay hotspots.

There is a large diversity of gay massages in the city offering high-quality treatments which last about an hour and are usually accompanied by the so-called "Happy Ending". Keep in mind that the massagers ask an additional tip for the "Happy Ending". You can find such places in almost every corner of Bangkok.

Gay Bangkok | Travel by Interest

In Bangkok, you will find a wide diversity of gay saunas where you will be able to relax and have a naughtier type of fun. The gay saunas of Bangkok have modern facilities like steam rooms, saunas and a darkened maze of cabins where you can meet the hot locals and visitors of Bangkok. The majority of the gay saunas are clean but you should keep in mind that these places often get dirty as they are visited for a certain cause, so do a better research before you visit.

The Go-Go Dancing Bars are also a part of the local gay cruising scene. Even though you need to pay quite a lot, as you need to pay entrance, your and the boy's drink, the manager for taking the boy with you and last the boy itself for the service, the cost usually starts from 1000 Baht. If you are into ladyboys, then Bangkok will be the perfect choice for you.

The Outdoor Gay Cruising Areas are the most unpopular as, generally, the gay cruising scene is pretty developed and the society isn't enclosed at all, so there is no reason for cruising areas to exist, even though some gay cruising locations like Saranrom Park can get really busy.

Single Gay Travellers 

Bangkok is mainly suggested for gay & lesbian single travellers. This city has literally no boundaries and hooking up is very easy. There are several gay clubs, bars, restaurants and pubs where you will surely meet many interesting gay and lesbian partners. The more naughty gay travellers can choose between some very interesting gay meeting areas or go-go clubs which offer the company of hot guys. Overall, Bangkok is one of the best destinations if you want to break out of your daily routine and live an interesting and sexy adventure!