The capital of Greece, Athens, boasts diverse venues to enjoy the first meal of the day. From elegant bistros serving ethnic breakfast, to stunning rooftop cafes overlooking the Acropolis.

Among the numerous venues around the city’s picturesque alleys, there is one single hotel, whose sumptuous breakfast enlists it top among the best breakfast venues in Athens.   

We are talking for none other than New Hotel and its amazing breakfast.

5 Types of Breakfast – 1 Hotel!

It’s clear that you are not a typical hotel since there are more than 4 ways to take your breakfast. You can either choose the Breakfast A la carte menu, the Continental Breakfast, the Healthy Breakfast, and Breakfast To Go. Whether you choose the a la carte menu or the Breakfast To Go, you will enjoy an equally pleasing experience.

Breakfast a la Carte

The A la Carte Breakfast will allow to pick which recipe you want from a special menu filled with sweet and savory dishes. The menu is enriched with a wide diversity of teas, coffee and chocolate, as well as the super healthy freshly squeezed orange and grapefruit juices.

You can choose a more traditional breakfast by picking the homemade Greek pie of the day, the Greek yogurt with honey and the homemade Greek dessert of the day. Or, you could enjoy pancakes with maple syrup or red berries, homemade granola and the multigrain open face sandwich with avocado, olive oil and piment d’espelette.

Eggs are also on the spotlight, including a wide diversity of breakfast recipes that will leave you drooling. You can choose from a plain omelet to poached eggs and kagianas with siglino from Mani. Eggs Benedict are also amazing and a definite must-try.

Continental Breakfast

The Continental Breakfast is by far the most affordable breakfast option at   New Hotel. Continental Breakfast includes a selection coffee, tea and milk of your choice. A freshly squeezed orange or grapefruit juice will ensure that your day will start with energy.

Of course, a selection of freshly baked delicacies like the butter and chocolate croissants, escargot and brioche with butter, marmalade and honey.

Buffet Breakfast

The Buffet Breakfast is served at New Taste daily from 07:00 to 10:30. The buffet is sumptuous, and it includes many delicacies from the A La Carte Menu. For drinks, you will choose among the selection of coffee, infused tea, and milk. Fresh orange and grapefruit will also be available to start your day fresh.

A diversity of freshly cooked delicacies like the butter and chocolate croissant, escargot and butter brioche, jam and honey will be at your disposal. You can choose from 3 types of eggs; plain omelet, omelet with ingredients of your choice and scrambled eggs with sausage or bacon, tomato and mushrooms.

But wait, there is more. A selection of cold cuts, a homemade Greek pie and dessert of the day, a cake of the day, homemade granola, a selection of cereals, Greek yogurt with honey, and a selection of cold cuts and cereals will give diversity to your breakfast.

Healthy Breakfast

The Healthy Breakfast was created for the fit travelers who want to start their day healthily and with energy. The breakfast includes a selection of coffee and infuse tea, as well as non-fat and 2% fat milk. A fresh orange or grapefruit choose will be at your disposal in case you want to go full healthy.

A booster with carrot, apple, orange and ginger will supply you with antioxidants. A wide selection of muesli, cereal, and homemade granola, which you try with honey and Greek yogurt or milk with 0% fat. A selection of freshly baked goodies with honey and tahini, brown multigrain bread, oatmeal and goji berry muffins will supply you with energy.

The protein-packed multigrain open face sandwich with avocado, smoked salmon, olive oil and piment d’espelette or smoked turkey and cottage cheese is to-die-for. Every athlete will love the egg white scrambled eggs and omelet!

Breakfast To Go

Do you want to grab something quick before heading out, or enjoy your breakfast in nature in one of the several nearby picnic spots? Either case, New Hotel offers Breakfast To Go, that will allow to take breakfast on the go. You just have to contact the reception and they will cater to your needs gracefully.