Going against the European notion “eat and run”, Greeks think of eating as a ritual, a way to socialize with each other. A lunch or dinner in Greece can last for hours, and it’s nationally believed that the more people on the table, the better. A typical Greek meal includes a wide array of hors d’oeuvres, the so-called mezedes, fresh salads, main dishes, and desserts. Some traditional eateries may also bring you a small 'welcome treat' at the beginning of your meal like warm bread with extra virgin olive oil, olive paste, and other alterations.   

Greek cuisine is definitely rich in taste, colours and aromas, but it’s also rich in nutrients. Greeks make heavy use of raw ingredients like extra virgin olive oil, fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables, and locally sourced herbs. They create minimal, clean, and tasteful dishes, highlighting all ingredients' taste, without covering them with unnecessary sauces. Modern Greek chefs have moved Greek cuisine a step forward, creating their own, unique alterations of traditional recipes, sometimes surpassing the originals. 

A hotel that goes by the name Legacy Gastro Suites in Crete, and more particularly, in Heraklion, decided to implement gastronomy in its stay, creating an upgraded gastronomy experience for its travelers that can be found nowhere else in Greece.

Legacy Gastro Suites | The Concept

Inspired by the three renowned artists, El Greco, Nikos Kazantzakis and Vincenzo Cornaro, Legacy Gastro Suites is a five-star boutique hotel in center Heraklion with 12 unique, thematically linked suites. All suites feature references to the life and leading works of these three Cretan artists, while the property follows the unique 1950s’ urban design. 

The owners of Legacy Gastro Suites aspired to create a luxurious retreat in the midst of the sun-drenched Heraklion city, where travelers can experience the cultural heritage and the culinary tradition of Crete. The aspiration became a reality and Legacy Gastro Suites became a place to hit all your 5 senses.

The premium gastronomy experience at Legacy Gastro Suites starts in your suite. In every suite, there is a practical-serviced food station with a diversity of high-quality Greek products, which highlight the best of Greek flavours.

The hotel's gastronomy experts have handpicked the food station's products from regions that are known to export them, and they are quite difficult to find in the broader market. For example, you will find Tuna in Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Alonissos, Ladotyri Cheese from Lesvos Island, Mastiha paste from Chios, Kefalotyri & Galomyzithra from Crete, etc.

Breakfast at Legacy Gastro Suites: “A good beginning makes a good ending”

Greeks use the idiom “A good day starts from the morning”, which means that if the day starts well, it will flow seamlessly until the ending. For a day to start well, you need energy, which means food. Breakfast is undoubtedly the most neglected meal in our lives, and also the most important one. A good, healthy breakfast will supply you with plenty of energy that will keep fatigue away and help you seize the day.

  Legacy Gastro Suites has paid special attention to the breakfast, offering a plethora of Greek delicacies that you are going to adore. First things first, the breakfast is not served in a typical buffet style. On the other hand, the day before you will have to fill a questionnaire with the breakfast items that you would like to be served next morning, without a limit to how many items you can choose.

The breakfast menu includes a wide variety of cold cuts and pastries, delicious egg recipes like kagianas and Greek sfougato with ingredients of your choice, a wide diversity of cheeses from all over Greece like Naxos, Metsovo, North Greece and Crete, and local specialties like trahanas with feta, pie of the day, and sfakiani pita. The breakfast items are not limited to these. Greek yogurt, spoon sweets, fresh fruits, homemade cakes, local sweets like petoules and lalagites, and all kinds of other small delicacies are also available in the menu.

My C., the heart of your journey!

The heart of your food experience at Legacy Gastro Suites will be My C. Gastro Bar Cafe. This is the place where you will enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner. Short for 'My Crete', My C. Restaurant serves delicious dishes, deeply rooted to the rich Greek food tradition.

The restaurant's goal is to offer traditional recipes through simple yet rich dishes that remind of Greece. The dishes are accompanied by the bet Cretan wines, sourced from all over Crete like Peza, Siteia, and the broader region of Heraklion. Some signature dishes are lamb fricassee, Giouvetsi with beef, Greek coq au vin. For sweet, try the creamy custard pie (Galaktompoureko), or the rice pudding with saffron.

For a more intimate experience, you can enjoy some delicacies at the privacy of your own suite, like local cheeses, nuts, Greek delicatessen cold cuts, premium Greek honey products, tapenades, pasteli, dried organic fruits, freshly baked breads, jams and more.

To wash it all down, try a bottle of wine from the hotel's exceptional wine and spirits selection, handpicked by the hotel.

Take the experience back home!

Since it will be very difficult to part from the hotel and leave this deliciousness behind, you can take at least a smart part of the experience back home from the hotel's gastronomic shop. The shop sells premium traditional Greek and Cretan products which you can buy as a gift to your most beloved ones, or take back home to enjoy all by yourself. You can check out more information at the hotel's website here, or you could book directly at the hotel by clicking here.