Vlychada Beach is famous for its natural beauty, including large rock formations, pebbled, black sand, and moon-shaped landscape. This thick lunar landscape formed by the sediment is unlike anything else in the entire world. The gay section is located on the far end of the beach where many men are sunbathing nude and not. The beach is located in South Santorini, approximately a 20 minute drive from downtown Santorini. The beach itself is fairly easy to reach, it might just be a bit of a trek to get to the gay section, depending on where you park.


The best way to experience Santorini including its Gay Beach, Vlychada, is by staying at a hotel in the middle of the island. A small research will help you realize that Fira is the best option for that, but considering that Fira is among the least beautiful towns of Santorini, Imerovigli comes as the 2nd and most interesting option.

What's better is that we have already found the ideal hotel for you in Santorini, and it goes by the name Astra Suites. A Luxury Hotel that stands right behind Skaros Rock, the ultimate spot to admire Santorini's iconic landscape and sunset. Astra Suites is a short 24' minute drive to Vlychada Beach, while it's a few minutes walk to the Santorini's capital Fira.

Check out how to reach Santorini by car from the hotel by clicking here how to reach Santorini by car from the hotel by clicking here.


Common activities

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On the beach itself, there is lots to do for any kind of person. Most people enjoy relaxing by themselves or with their friends, so you'll see lots of people scattered across the beach. Many of these relaxers are also trying to get a tan by sunbathing in the lounge chairs provided. There is also a bar service nearby that allows you to order food and drinks at your convenience. Aside from the relaxers, the individuals who are active are either playing beach sports or water sports. Towards the water, you will see some people swimming and splashing around with others. Some individuals will also stop at this beach to do a photoshoot for a spectrum of things from Instagram to wedding photos.

  Astra Suites is not a great option only for its location. Yes, watching the renowned sunset from Skaros Rock at the privacy of your own room instead of a tourist-crowded rock sounds appealing, but in the end, Astra Suites steals your heart with its excellent service and sense of hospitality. This is how hospitality should be anywhere.

There are plenty of room types - both for families and couples. A very special and distinguished facility in Santorini hotel rooms is their private pools and Astra Suites has various room types with private pools. Imagine taking your breakfast at your room's private terrace, overlooking Santorini's iconic landscape. Breathtaking, isn't it?


Less broadcasted activities

Other activities that individuals may partake in are a little less public and out in the open. The gay side of the beach does have some nude exhibitionists, which can lead so some side activity like cruising. The gay beach is the only one in Santorini, therefore there are many gay locals and tourists checking each other out. Warning! Be careful where you explore because you won't be sure what you'll find. Either way, the beach is a great place to be and a must-do for all the gays visiting Santorini.