No matter in what part of Maldives you may travel, whether you are staying in a luxurious resort by the beach, or choosing to spend your vacation time in a budget hotel, the only sure thing is that you will be hypnotized by the warm colors that the Maldivian sunset leaves behind! 

Here we present you some of the most captivating sunset photos to make you consider booking a resort in Maldives now

Beautiful sunset over a small beach, in tropical Maldives island.

A traditional Maldivian fishing boat, in front of the sunset.

Amazing  panoramic view of the sunset in the Maldives.

A wind surfer enjoying the beautiful colours of the Maldivian sunset.

The sunset viewed from the traditional Maldivian water villas

So if you want to escape your everyday life, and feel like home away from home in a tropical island –then choose a beach resort from our list of luxurious hotels & resorts in Maldives, and have the time of your life!