Searching for a gorgeous island to visit with your partner this summer? Well, it's high time you considered the obvious: Santorini! Being widely reputed for its romantic nature, Santorini has hosted thousands of couples and newlyweds in the past, and it's going to host thousands more in the near future as well. But there is actually a secret hidden behind Santorini's beauty! 

Santorini is the remains of a beautiful island, once called Thera, that was formed after the deadly eruption between 1642–1540 BCE, that marked the ending of entire civilizations. The island was later renamed to Santorini and the breathtaking landscape that we get to admire until today was created. Thinking about its history and that the volcano is still active, will surely make your heart pump a little bit faster just by standing on it.

Santorini is maybe the only island that can compete with the reputation of Mykonos, and many celebrities (actors and singers) choose to spend their honeymoon or romantic holidays on it- some of whom have also built their own houses on it as well. So, don't be surprised if you visit a cafe and see your favorite actor in the arms of his lover at the nearby table. 

Watching the sunset from Oia, or dining overlooking the Caldera are only two of the most distinguished experiences that will mark your romantic experience on Santorini. The majority of the hotels on the island are couple-friendly, and more especially the ones located on the Caldera, whose breathtaking landscape makes them ideal background for your photo-shoot.

Let's discover the 5 aspects of Santorini that put Santorini in every gay man's agenda!

1. You can stay at the renowned Canaves Oia Hotel! - Yes, that's a privilege!

An especially beloved hotel in Santorini by gay couples is located in Oia Town, and it's called Canaves Oia. There are many reasons to love this hotel, starting from its location that will make your Santorini exploration as easy as a pie, and exceptional services that ensure a premium staying experience. Your days when staying in   Canaves Oia Hotel will be chic, relaxing and fabulous, while its exciting views over the Caldera will urge you to stay there forever.

Gay couples seem to be excited when staying in this hotel and this is reflected in their reviews as well. Going through Canave Oia's reviews in Trip Adviso, we found this one by a couple from Greece: "My husband and I chose this hotel for our honeymoon. Our room had a private plunge pool and a patio area, making us forget that we were actually in a hotel and not in our own private hideaway. The friendly and professional staff also helped in creation of an experience that we will never forget. We are definitely coming back!"

Let's discover the romantic aspects of Santorini Island and Canaves Oia Hotel that will make every queer couple faint from excitement!

2. You can rent your Catamaran and arrange the most exciting "gay-off"!

A Catamaran Tour is definitely among the most iconic Santorini experiences. It's the best option either if you are on a double-dating trip, or traveling alone. The yacht, "Alexandros", is super spacious and comfortable, having 4 luxurious cabins, that can accommodate up to 8 people. Of course, an experienced captain, a professional chef and a handsome sailor will be available to cater every need and desire of yours!

The cruise lasts for about 4 hours and you can either rent it in the morning, or in the evening. We recommend you to choose the evening, in order to watch the breathtaking sunset from the best location on the island; the sea.

3. You can keep it sassy with a Wine Tour!

Did you know that Santorini is one of most renowned Greek destinations for its production of high-quality wine? Indeed, the island has the perfect weather conditions for the growing  of various grape varieties, and the local producers have taken advantage of it.

You could either simply enjoy a high-quality Santorinian wine at the hotel's restaurant, since it has one of the most complete wine collections on the island. Or you could go for an exclusive wine tour at Santorini's most luxurious wine cellars. Even if you are not a fan of wine, trust us, you are going to love it!

4. You can enjoy a romantic dinner overlooking the Caldera!

Did you seriously think that we would write a guide with the top gay things to do in Santorini and did not refer to its delicious food tradition? Santorini is packed with great restaurants serving traditional Santorinian cuisine, but no restaurant on the island features as breathtaking views as Canaves Oia Hotel's.

Surprise your partner, by arranging a private candle-lit dinner at the hotel's Panorama Balcony, and he will surely want to marry you next. The Balcony has only room for one couple, so make sure to book in advance!

5. You can experience gay life without gay bars! - totally possible!

If you are eventually going to stay in Oia, you will be close to a wide range of gay-friendly bars and cafes. Oia is among the top choices for fine dining and night entertainment, while the grace of the locals and the visitors is easily observed. In Oia, you may also find various art galleries as well!

In case you won't find other gay couples to socialize, which is highly impossible, you can try searching via the most popular gay app for socialization on the island - It is yellow and starts with G.

In case you want to explore Santorini's queer life, we highly recommend you to rent a car, since the island's capital is about 9km away from Oia, while Vlychada Beach is about 19 km.

Concluding your Gay Experience

These are the defining experiences that will convert your gay holidays in Santorini into one of the most memorable journeys of your life. We highly recommend you not to waste any more time and   book your hotel right away!