If you have been doubting the existence of heaven until now, this resort in the Maldives will make you have a change of heart. Its tropical setting and wonderful facilities will teleport you to another world where the sun shines all day and the beaches are so clear that the bottom of the sea can be clearly seen without the need of a snorkel mask. This is the ideal resort to visit if you want to spend your vacations doing nothing else besides eating and relaxing on a beach!

Your luxury experience will start as soon as you reach Maldives, when a speed boat will be waiting to take you from the airport and drop you off at the resort. After an almost 25 minutes short trip from the airport to the hotel, the hotel's staff will welcome you warmly and will treat you a tropical drink. While you are heading to your room, you will be shown to the hotel's premises, as well as the hotel's public areas.

Now that you discovered the resort, it's high time for your Maldivian Experience to start!

1. The Perfect Sanctuary in the middle of Nowhere!

All of the villas in   Centara Ras Fushi Resort & Spa were designed to host up to two adults (12 years old+) while they all follow the typical Maldivian design, blending harmoniously with their surroundings. None of the suites compromises on the quality and the quantity of its services and facilities, and they were all created in order to satisfy all kinds of tastes.

All of the villas offer the ideal home-setting that will make you feel cozy and welcome, but each one of them features its own distinguished features. Let's discover three of the most beautiful suites in the resort!

The Deluxe Ocean Front Beach Villa might be considered a 51 sq.m. room, but it's much more than that since it offers direct access to the resort's white-sand beach. So, imagine taking your breakfast at your private sundeck and dipping right-away at the your private beach... dreamy huh?

Especially loved by the romantic ones and people who are searching for inspiration, the Deluxe Sunset Water Villa will host the most idyllic moments of your Maldivian trip. In addition to offering direct access to the sea, and a deck where you can sunbath or relax while reading your favorite book. As the name suggests, get ready to see the most impressive sunsets of your life!

The Premium Deluxe Spa Water Villas were created for the more "spoiled" travelers, who want simply it all. The suite offers direct access to the lagoon as well as a spacious sundeck with an outdoor spa bathtub. Well, is there a better way to enjoy an afternoon than listening to your favorite music while chilling on your private outdoors bathtub while enjoy breathtaking panoramic views?

Now that you have most propably found the ideal room for you in Centara Ras Fushi, it's high time we discover the resort. And, if you are still not satisfied by the accommodation, you can discover more hotel rooms by clicking here!

2. A Dining Experience for all Tastes

With 4 restaurants on its premises, you will never complain about being hungry in Centara Ras Fushi. In a destination like the Maldives, it's pretty essential to choose a resort with plenty dining options since you might end up eating the same food every day (almost all of the islands are completely secluded from civilization). This is why Centara Ras Fushi has created 4 restaurants, all of which services different dishes and recipes from Asia and Europe.

Oceans Restaurant is located at the heart of the island, featuring a cozy environment designed with a traditional Maldivian style. Here, you will find various buffets with delicious recipes from Asia, Europe, Middle East and South America.

Middle Eastern cuisine is one of the least known cuisines around the world, which is truly unbelievable if you think about the tastes and flavors that you can find in the Middle East. The dishes are made with hand-crushed spices, homemade marinades and other fresh ingredients of the market flavoring the meats in the most unimaginable ways possible.

For a Mediterranean pizza or a fresh pasta dish that remind you of your recent trip in Italy, head to the stunning La Brezza Restaurant. The restaurant specializes on Italian cuisine and seafood, and it offers a great menu that serves from simple salads to delicious Italian desserts that will make you say goodbye to your diet.

Suan Bua Restaurant's sandy floor offers an intimate and original setting where you can enjoy authentic Thai cuisine. If you prefer al fresco dining, you can choose to dine outdoors, from where you will get to admire the Indian Ocean as well. And don't worry if you are not fond of meat: various vegetarian recipes are available and their flavors will surely surprise you.

3. A Sanctuary of Relaxation

The fast rhythms of the city are pretty frustrating, with the average person receiving the same amount of stimulation in a day that a person in the past would receive in his entire lifetime. Since you have all out of the way and visited an island in the Maldives, make sure to try at least one massage at the beginning of your trip in order to ensure a pleasant flow of your journey.

SPA Cenvaree follows a unique and different concept that wants the treatments to take place in... Healing Huts. Each hut is surrounded by a tropical landscape, and it includes one or two spa beds, an intimate and cozy atmosphere with natural lighting, and a balcony overlooking the ocean to chill-out after or before your treatment.

We highly recommend you to take the signature body massage that makes use of Maldivian Sea Sand during the treatment, since it will immediately put you in the right mood for your holiday trip in the Maldives. It lasts for about 90 minutes, during which you will be wondering if you are still alive!

And if you feel extra active one day...

If you feel extra energized one day, and want to do something different than relaxing on the beach and eating, you can also try lots of water sports like snorkeling, windsurfing, or canoeing, but we all know that you will end up doing nothing else than sunbathing and swimming!

Don't waste any more time and start scheduling your most promising trip in the Maldives right away by   checking availability directly at the hotel!