Greece is a country where the LGBT scene is vibrant and growing. In the past, things were a bit trickier, but during the last years things have changed. Laws have evolved, same-sex households are legalized and Gay events in Greece have started to flourish. Read below the top events that are annually happening, while we are sure they will increase.

The Top Gay Events in Greece!

1. XLSIOR Festival Mykonos

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Launched in September of 2009, XLSIOR is one of the most popular international Summer Gay Festivals in the world which takes place every year in the island of Mykonos, Greece. This dance party festival combines holidays with intense parties and starts on Wednesday afternoon the 23th of August at the Elysium hotel in Mykonos town!

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2. Athens Gay Pride 

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The annual Gay Pride happening in the capital of the country, is definitely the number one of Gay Events in Greece! A non-profit and all-volunteer event, that brings color and pride to the streets of Athens. That way the visibility of the Greek LGBT community is more vibrant! Moreover, Athens Pride as a sole organization takes part in scheduling multiple gay happenings during other periods. It also offers a free on-site HIV/STD testing, a free public platform for all LGBTQI and more. The first Gay Pride took place in 2005 and still goes on strongly.

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3. Thessaloniki, Patra and Heraklion Gay Pride

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To be fair, we have to mention the other cities in Greece, that celebrate the Gay Pride parade! Thessaloniki is the second capital of Gay Pride, counting five Pride festivals. The mayor of the city himself promised and let the event start back on 2005.

Another place where the colorful Gay festival occurs is Crete! In the capital, Heraklion, the first Festival for Gender and Sexuality Liberation Visibility, happened in 2015 and was proudly celebrated! Following Athens, Thessaloniki and Heraklion, Patra celebrated the first Gay Pride of the city in 2016! It was the third largest one in Greece! 

4. Outview Film Festival

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Active since April-May of 2007, the Outview Film Festival happens every year in Athens. It is one of the Largest Gay Film Festivals of Europe! Film premiers, nominations and film awards are the focal point of the town’s chats. Showcasing Gay, Lesbian and more films, it definitely plays a major role for the Greek Gay Scene. Moreover, the event also hosts numerous masterclasses, parties and performances. If you wish to visit, don't miss to check out Gay friendly hotels in Athens here.

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