Ibiza is a beautiful Spanish island located in the Mediterranean Sea next to Spain. Renowned for their nightlife and electronic dance music (EDM), many individuals travel to Ibiza in the summer to relax during the day and party during the night on the beaches. Don't be surprised if you see people partying until sunrise. For a truly special experience, we've prepared a list of gay-friendly beaches in Ibiza we'd recommend!

Gay-friendly beaches:

  • Es Cavallet beach
  • Talamanca beach
  • Cala Gracio beach

Es Cavallet beach


Keep calm, relax, and let it all hang. Es Cavallet beach is one of Ibiza's official nude beaches, located 10 minutes away by car from Ibiza town. Es Cavallet is picture perfect with gorgeous white sand and crashing waves. Whether you enjoy partying, strolling, or relaxing on the beach, Es Cavallet has it all. With areas enclosed by sand dunes, you can enjoy a feeling of private, serendipitous peace, or participate in a dance party on the beach without disturbing the other.

Photo Credit: ibiza-spotlight.com

Things to do:

Chiringay beach bar is the LGBTQ+ spot on the island, attracting tourists from all over the world. With amazing food, drinks, and music, you are guaranteed to have a good time. Whether you're looking to relax and gaze at the sea while sipping your drink, or dance and party on the beach, Chiringay is the place to go. Besides activities at the beach, make sure to enjoy the drive to and from Es Cavallet. The road takes you through the Sea Salines salt flats and nature reserve, where many see flamingos!

Photo Credit: tripadvisor.co.uk

Talamanca beach


In a time crunch? Talamanca beach let's you experience lots of Ibiza all at once! The beach itself is a small pocket of paradise with soft sand and clear waters. Furthermore, the beach has a very central location near the town centre and port area, allowing you to stroll between them. This way, you can experience the beach scene and central Ibiza in a short amount of time.

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Things to do:

In the area, you can travel along the boardwalk to shop, buy drinks, or grab a bite to eat. The beach-side bars and restaurants also provide a wide selection of food and drinks. A local favourite is Bar Flotante, which provides mostly breakfast and brunch food right next to the water. If you're willing to spend more money, Talamanca beach provides many excursions, from luxury boat charters to Aquabus ferries. The area also has many beach and water sport activities.

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Cala Gracio beach


Need a change of pace? Cala Gracio takes it down a notch to provide a sense of seclusion for those looking for a quieter moment to themselves. Similar to most beaches in Ibiza, the gentle sand and sparkling waters bring out the best in you. Cala Gracio is located 15 minutes away from the center of San Antonio by foot, and is easily accessible to cars, buses, and small ferry boats.

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Things to do:

Cala Gracio, similar to most beaches in Ibiza, provides many external opportunities such as excursions around the island on boat charters or ferries. The bay also has water activities such as snorkeling, wake boarding, and water skiing. Right next to Cala Gracio beach is Cala Gracioneta, a much smaller beach with a beach bar and restaurant called El Chiringuito. El Chiringuito allows you to enjoy an amazing evening with live music by the sea, eating a full meal or sipping on drinks.

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