Travelling is one of those activities we all enjoy. However, not every aspect of travelling is equally exciting. Transportation is one of those things you have to plan ahead for. You have many options and they all have their benefits and drawbacks. Some make scheduling difficult and others are much more expensive than they should be. A lot of people enjoy travelling by themselves in their own personal vehicle. There's something about going on a long road trip surrounded by the music you choose that is liberating. Here are some of the most compelling reasons why you should use a car for your travelling needs.

1. You spend a lot less money on food

Cars aren't just useful for getting near your chosen destination, they are a great way to move around town once you're already there. When you're looking around for places to eat, having a car can come in handy. Visitors and tourists often stick to the strict centre of a city in order to get the most of their trip. Unfortunately, this is where the cost of food is inflated quite a bit. You won't find very affordable cuisine in the middle of the busiest street in town. Even if you make your way to the peripheral parts, it's still relatively expensive to find a fulfilling meal.

On the other hand, if you have a car with you, it becomes much easier to find something that is affordable. You can always visit the surrounding towns and their markets. As long as you have a place to cook, this can cut back your food expenses by a significant amount.

Some travellers might bring a portable cooker or oven with them on their trip. This allows you to take full advantage of cheap materials and it will allow you to cook delicious and healthy meals on the go. If you like having a little outdoor fun to go along with your meals, you can always cook on local campsites, they're considered a hotbed for creative tourists that like to cook.

2. You have more variety when travelling

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When you find yourself in an unfamiliar place, you probably want to explore every nook and cranny that is available to you. This means taking long walks and tours all over the town and countryside. Sometimes, the place you visit is a fair bit larger than expected. You can't cover everything on foot and finding the right kind of public transportation can be difficult and time-consuming. What if you want to explore the countryside, or perhaps you want to visit a nearby area which is famous for its vineyards?

When you travel by boat or plane, your transport is limited to the back and forth trip between your original spot and the destination. It’s a completely different story when you have a personal vehicle at your disposal. You can go wherever your four wheels can take you. This means you aren’t limited to walking distances within a city. Surrounding historical ruins and mountainsides are available for exploration and you won’t break a sweat trying to find them. At most, you might need a map on your phone to guide you on the road to these places.

If you're visiting a big city, a car allows you to visit a restaurant and museums on the fringes. It's not uncommon for the best attractions in town to be somewhere far away from the centre. The only issue you might run into is parking. To avoid paying exorbitant parking fees and looking for parking spaces in the city centre, you could always leave your car further away. After all, while you’re in the middle of town, you probably won’t need your car since you’re exploring on foot. Consider it a tool to get to places that are a bit out of your reach when walking.

3. Take all the essentials

Luggage isone of those things that plague every long trip. You have to make sure you’ve brought only the bare essentials while still having enough items to make your life comfortable. This can be a problem when travelling by boat or plane. You can’t take everything with you, which means you have to make some sacrifices. Your wardrobe is going to be limited for the trip, whether you like it or not. Having additional luggage on you will cost you extra, but it’s still an option with most airlines.

Extra luggage isn’t a problem when you’re on the road on your own. Whatever fits in your trunk is fair game. Any and all luxuries you take are at your disposal. If you want to take a portable mini fridge just to keep beers in, it’s all on you. You can take quite a bit of your wardrobe with you, which means you aren’t limited to the same three shirts for the whole trip.

4. Planning becomes a breeze

Travelling can be a bit of a pain when it comes to planning things ahead. For starters, you have to come up with a location to visit. Hotels and other kinds of accommodation aren’t always available or affordable for the trip and it’s hard to find something that is close to your chosen destination. You have to bring a lot of luggage along with you and that can pose its own problem. On top of all that, there’s still one crucial element you have to get right: transportation.

If you plan on travelling far and wide, your method of transportation needs to be accounted for. This can be even more hectic than finding the right hotel. A lot of people opt to buy plane tickets to head to their destination. Planes have a host of issues associated with them. If you’re travelling by plane, don’t even think about being a minute late to the airport. You’re going to miss your flight and have to reschedule. You’re limited in what you can bring along with you because of extreme security measures and high costs of transportation. If there is no airport near the place you’re visiting, tough luck.

Schedules are hardly a problem when it comes to travelling by car. You can pack your bags and go whenever you please. If you fancy taking a trip in the middle of the night, nobody can stop you. You can do as you see fit. All you need is a full tank of gas and enough room in your trunk to put your luggage in.

Even car maintenance won't slow you down all that much. Every vehicle needs a thorough look before a long road trip. You should take the necessary precautions and take it for a check-up at an auto repair service, and it won’t take longer than a couple of hours. It’s certainly much quicker than waiting in lines at an airport.

5. Accommodation is much easier

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You have a wide variety of places to rest when travelling. Most people opt for hotels villas when they go abroad. If you lack a car, you’ll probably want to get a place that is located as close to the city centre as possible. This way, walking to and from locations of interest is made much easier. On the other hand, if you have a car, you aren’t limited to a small number of hotels in the strict city centre.

There are a lot of options for accommodation a bit farther away from the city. Things like bed & breakfasts and villas are the ideal choice if you can drive to and from them as you please.

More spontaneous travellers might find themselves in situations where they can't find a place to stay on short notice. Luckily, your vehicle is always there for you. When push comes to shove, you can always spend a single night in your car. Your travel pillow will come in handy.

For those who don’t mind spending time in nature, camping is always an option. If you bring a high-quality tent along with you, you can save up a pretty penny in accommodation. Make sure you know the rules of the camps and parks you plan on visiting. You can’t start a campfire everywhere due to the danger of spreading it.


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Picking the right transportation method is a crucial part of the travelling experience. Some people like to get to their destination as quick as possible, which is why they choose airfare. Others prefer the luxury and comfort of an ocean cruiser and they don't mind if the trip takes a while. For many, cars are the ideal way to traverse long distances. They allow you to take certain liberties along the road. You can always change course if you find something that piques your interest and no two trips are ever the same. There are lots of practical benefits that can make automobile travel attractive to just about anyone looking to hit the road. As long as you prepare adequately, you'll find that cars really are the best choice.