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Greece Food Guide

A guide to help you find the best hotels & places in Greece for Food Lovers

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Culinary Journeys in Greece!

It goes without saying that Greek cuisine is one of the main attractions of Greece. Its delicious Mediterranean flavors, fresh seafood and pure olive oil have the power to lure tourists like its astonishing beaches and unique museums.

Food Travel Tips

Gourmet restaurants in Greece are quite easily spotted. They usually combine the healthy and refined Greek tastes with an international touch; just magnificent!
Explore the gastronomic choices of each destination you may visit and do not miss to buy certain local products to enjoy them back home!
Coffee is an essential part of the Greek culture and Greeks tend to visit Cafes a lot. Greek Coffee, Frappe and Freddo Espresso are the most popular Coffee drinks you may find in Greece.
Must try Greek food: traditional yoghurt with honey, Greek salad with feta and for more powerful tastes, try pastitsio and moussaka.
There is nothing better than having a quick, inexpensive and traditional fast food, right? Gyros, souvlaki or pitta - no matter how you call it - just look for a store selling it! They are everywhere!
Make sure you combine your Greek meals with local wine or other traditional drinks, such as raki, ouzo and tsipouro. Be careful, though; they are rather strong!
Eating in Greece is a social gathering! Sometimes you can even enjoy traditional live Greek music whilst enjoying your meal in a tavern.
Greek Cuisine is big, diverse, and is divided into 7 different types of cuisine; the Aegean Islands Cuisine, the Ionian Islands Cuisine, Ipirotiki, Kritiki, Makedoniki, Mikrasiatiki and Pontiaki. Moreover, Greek cuisine shares some characteristics with other Mediterranean cuisines like the Italian Cuisine, the Turkish Cuisine, the Levant Cuisine and the Balkan cuisine.

The Best Hotels with Restaurants in Greece

High-quality hotels and beach resorts in Greece feature gastronomy restaurants or even wineries offering exceptional wine-tasting and gastronomic experiences always combined with views over the sea, the mountains or vibrant city landscapes.

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