Santorini is one of the top destinations around the world for romantic holidays and honeymoons, and, naturally, gay couples in love could not be an exception! Its breathtaking views and landscapes, in combination with the overall romantic ambiance of the 'most famous sunset in the world', justify its reputation as 'couples destination'. Even though Gay Santorini is not the hottest trend out there, its vivid and cosmopolitan character, as well as its close distance to Mykonos Island, have made it an ideal destinations for single gay travelers as well, who are looking for a more fun and adventurous type of holidays.

On the other hand, that does not mean that Santorini does not offer choices and things to do for gay travelers. The majority of the local businesses on the island are, of course, gay friendly and attract mixed crowds, but there is also a gay beach called Vlychada, located on the southern coast. Since the island depends almost exclusively on its tourism, you should expect to meet more foreigners than locals, especially if you are visiting during the summer season, which usually lasts from late April to mid-October. This broad diversity of the island's visitors, has also helped locals to become even more open-minded, meaning that controversial and homophobic behaviors are almost non-existent. 

Another thing that makes Santorini a true must-visit destination is its amazing Hotels. Especially the ones located on the caldera, hanging on the cliff and facing the dramatic volcano, are an once-in-a-lifetime experience. Even though at first the hotels might seem quite similar to each other, if you take a closer look you will realize that each one of them has something unique to offer, that makes it stand out. Keep reading to discover our selection of the top gay-friendly hotels in Santoriniideal for gay holidays!

Canaves Oia: It's all about Attitude!

With this exceptional video, Canaves Oia has caught every gay traveler's attention - and not without a reason. The hotel is distinguished for its open-minded attitude, exceptional service, and modern facilities. Staying here will make you realize what true "privacy" means, so you will never want to leave!

Oia Suites: An Exclusive Paradise for Gay Honeymooners

Oia Suites is among the most popular gay-friendly hotels on the island, ideal for gay honeymooners and couples due to its great levels of privacy as well as its breathtaking views of Caldera. The hotel's main swimming pool offers direct Caldera views as well, making it a great place to sunbath during the day, or drink a cocktail during the sunset.

Considering the gay life nearby Oia Suites, there are not any exclusively gay venues, however, the majority of the businesses in Oia are actually gay-friendly. That said, the main gay beach of Santorini, Vlychada, is about 40 minutes away from the hotel by car. Since the hotel is branded as gay-friendly, you will find more gay travelers than in other non-branded resorts!

Bellonias Villa: For Beach Lovers!

Since Santorini is a Greek Island, one would expect that the majority of the hotels are located on the beach: This not the case with Santorini! Santorini is mainly known for its Caldera Views, so the majority of the hotels are hanging from the the cliff. That's where Bellonias Beach Villas stands out.

It is one of the few hotels on the island that can guide you to the other side of Santorini, since it features its own private beach, which has also been awarded with a blue flag! Of course, the beach is organised and the hotel's bar will provide you with plenty of refreshments through the day, as well as sunbeds and umbrellas to chill out!

Art Hotel Santorini: For the Art Aficionados!

Art Hotel Santorini is a particularly beloved hotel by gay art aficionados, since it looks like an art gallery. Your staying experience in Art Hotel Santorini will be determined by the hotel's impeccable architecture, based on a standing-out design, since the hotel is literally painted in red!

The hotel is branded as adults-only, so a premium staying experience is also guaranteed. Last but not least, its alternative location, nearby Pyrgos Kallistis, makes it a perfect choice for all-year-round vacations since you can easily use the hotel as a reference point to navigate through the island!

Nafsika Estate: For Fabulous Cocktail Evenings

Located in the picturesque Megalochori Village, Nafsika Estate is the absolute sanctuary of large groups of friends, up to 10 people, who want to enjoy a cosmopolitan gay-off on a beautiful island. 

The villa has a minimalistic design, and it offers total privacy and seclusion. Naturally, a personal butler and a chef will be at your full disposal throughout the day!

The outdoor area features a large swimming pool, and sun loungers to relax and sunbath. There you can spend unforgettable and fabulous cocktail evenings with your friends!

Vino Houses: Wine not?!

Your experience in Vino Houses will be all wine, wine, and wine! As you might have already guessed, this hotel will not allow you to leave sober from the island, but you will definitely not regret it!

Depending on the room that you choose to stay, you will receive a unique experience. Vinsanto House is the most popular since it was inspired by the famous Vinsanto Wine. A walk at the hotel's garden is greatly recommended!

Astra Suites: Ideal for Gay Families!

Astra Suites is a stunning hotel located in Imerovigli Village, very close to Fira, the island's capital. It's a great options for all kinds of gay travelers, from single gay travelers to gay families. 

The Family Suite spreads through an area of 55 sqm and it can host up to 4 people (2 adults + 2 children). It features a spacious living area, and a large private terrace facing the Caldera!