Adjacent to the north of Fira, Santorini's capital, Imerovigli is a village of great reputation. Its amphitheatrical location around the caldera has gifted it the reputation of the best place to watch the renowned Santorini Landscape. While its narrow, paved paths are excellent to explore with your other half.

It's home to various Cycladic architectural-style churches, the most popular of which is the church of Ai Stratis and the Monastery of Saint Nikolaos. The village is very famous for its gorgeous sunset, often called "balcony to the Aegean". 

Skaros Rock is another popular sight in Imerovigli, which is the remains of a Venetian Castle built in 1207. The rock is flocked every summer with tourists who are struggling to see and capture the mesmerizing sunset. It's surely the best place to see the sunset, however, it attracts so many people that it can become unbearable.

This is why, in this article, we are going to introduce you to a wonderful resort whose gorgeous Cycladic architecture and direct views over Skaros Rock and Caldera will charm you!

Kapari Natural Resort: 40 years of Brilliance!

Let's go back through time, and more precisely, 40 years ago. Santorini was recovering from the devastating earthquake of 1956, and several people were trying to restore the island to its former glory. So did Rena and Takis Adamidis, who chose to create their own sanctuary at the remains of an old building that managed to survive the devastation. And, this is how Kapari Natural Resort was "born".

Of course, that was not the end of Kapari Natural Resort story, as in 2010, the son of Rena and Takis, Philip Adamidis, transformed their estate into one of the top luxury resorts in Santorini. How did he manage that? Using the most technologically advanced restoration methods, he countered the "mildew feeling" found in underground structure. Always respecting the the aesthetics and distinguished characteristics of the Cycladic architecture, he combined "smart home" and "green" logic, further upgrade the quality of the accommodation.

This is the story of Kapari Natural Resort, and how it came to be one of the best hotels to stay in Santorini of the 21st Century.

Santorini Honeymoon: Kapari Natural Resort 

So, back to our main subject: honeymoon in Santorini. Honeymoon in Santorini is without-a-doubt a dream-come-true for many couples. The island's idyllic landscape and romantic sunset have gifted it a worldwide reputation as the ultimate romantic destination. Private Dining, Catamaran Tours & Evening Cocktails are only a few of the superb things that you can do in Santorini.

But nothing of the above would be possible without the Santorini Resorts. After all, most of the activities are arranged by the resorts, which strive hard to provide the ultimate luxury experience to their guests. And, so does Kapari Natural Resort, by including various honeymoon packages, special things to do for couples, and a glorious honeymoon suite in its menu.

Kapari Honeymoon Suite: Luxury Accommodation with a touch of Privacy

Kapari Honeymoon Suites are the largest rooms in Kapari Natural Resort, as they were specifically created to offer the ultimate staying experience to the love-birds. Some of the distinguished in-room facilities are the walk-in dress room, and the spacious, Cycladic-design living room, but the indoor and outdoor Jacuzzis definitely steal the show.

The super comfy king-size bed with a premium, extra comfortable mattress and  high-quality linels ensure a good night's sleep. The breathtaking view over the Caldera is the cherry to the pie, making this room one of the best to stay in Santorini for couples. But, word can't do justice of the Kapari Honeymoon Suite Experience. You have to   live it yourself to realize its greatness!

Embark on a Romantic Journey of a lifetime!

So, are you ready for the Santorini Experience? Pack your sassiest swimwear, favorite sunglasses (this is a necessity) and get ready for the most romantic vacations of your life - it's your honeymoon, after all!