Morocco lies on the furthest northwestern part of Africa, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Located at the intersection of Europe and Africa, it is a place of mixed cultures, ancient traditions and a modern lifestyle. The intense and colorful atmosphere of Marrakech, the famous Sahara Desert, and the modern and cosmopolitan city of Casablanca are some of the things that first come to your mind when you think of Morocco.

The friendly and quiet city of Agadir, is located on the southwestern coast of Morocco, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Agadir, which feels more like a resort town than any other city in Morocco, is a welcoming place that attracts many tourists through the year, even though it might not be that known. The warm climate of the area and the peculiar beauty of its landscapes, make Agadir the top destination in Morocco to explore. 

Agadir is also rich with stunning summer resorts and hotels. However there is a resort that truly stands out from the rest, and its name is Paradis Plage Surf Yoga & Spa Resort. Paradis Plage is a magnificent resort, located 30 km north of the city of Agadir. Reputed as the most popular surf, yoga and spa resort in Morocco, Paradis Plage Eco Resort can become the “headquarters” of your dreamy vacations.


Let's discover 10 Reasons to visit   Paradis Plage Eco Resort!

1. Ride the stunning waves of the Atlantic ocean

Agadir is located on the edge of a 10 km sandy beach, in a gulf that resides by the Atlantic Ocean with waves all year round, which makes it clear that it is the best spot for watersports and especially surfing. Paradis Plage’s Surf House is right on the beach where surf and watersports activities are organized. The Surf House’s qualified team will teach you how to learn or improve your surfing skills. It offers a wide selection of surfing equipment which you can either hire or purchase. There’s also a bar and an outside terrace serving food where you can satisfy your hunger while having fun.

2. Practise Yoga overlooking the Sea!

As the full name of the resort implies, there are also top ranked yoga facilities, offering the best exercises for relaxation and rejuvenation, to every fitness enthusiast. Paradis Plage Yoga organizes 3 yoga classes every day, 6 days a week in the Yoga shala, including dynamic and relaxing yoga sessions. The classes take place on a breathtaking beachfront location looking at the vast ocean.

3. Relax while listening to the sound of the waves!

Paradis Plage ECO Spa, the main spa facility of the resort, offers a great menu of spa treatments according to the Moroccan Oriental Tradition. The Spa facilities of the resort include a traditional and modern hammam, indoor and outdoor massage areas, hydromassage baths, and relaxation rooms. All the ingredients and the products that are being used in the treatments are natural and locally harvested from the Moroccan soil.

4. Beachfront Rooms overlooking the ocean!

Paradis Plage Surf Yoga & Spa Resort boasts a great range of suites, bungalows and villas, suitable for all kind of travelers including families, couples, groups of friends or even solo travellers. The resort has in total 25 junior suites, 4 beach bungalows, 46 premium suites, 4 villas and 24 prestige suites.

5. High class restaurants & bars with exceptional food

The restaurants, that are located on the resort's premises, serve high-quality food, honoring the local cuisine sourcing fresh and organic Moroccan products. The fruits and the vegetables are farmed within the local region of Agadir, while also the fish and the meat are purchased from trustworthy local suppliers. Furthermore, Paradis Plage caters for specific dietary requirements. and providing diet advices to the resort's clients. 

6. Host the most lovely events... on the beach!

Paradis Plage resort is the perfect place for organizing unforgettable events. Its ideal location, between the ocean and the mountains, combined with the unique facilities of the resort, creates a great scenery for parties and gatherings. The resort also provides an exclusive wedding events team, responsible for organizing the wedding of your dreams.

7. Outdoor activities by the beach!

Apart from surfing, yoga and spa, Paradis Plage resort offers a great number of other outdoor activities. Outdoor exercising, relaxing in the Zen garden or just walking on the sandy beach are just a few examples of what someone can do at the luxurious Paradis Plage resort.

8. Enjoy the breathtaking sunset on the beach

The wide open area of Agadir, the stunning long beaches, and the always sunny sky form the best scenery for relaxing evenings. Paradis Plage resort resides by the long sandy beaches of the Atlantic Ocean, offering the perfect spot for romantic walks. Visitors can witness the sun "diving" into the sea while taking a walk by the resort’s beach.

9. An environment-friendly resort by the beach!

Paradis Plage won, for three consecutive years in 2016, 2017, and 2018, the Green Key Label, an organization that aims to enhance tourism by setting up an environmental policy based on water, energy and waste management. Paradis Plage also established the Paradis Plage Foundation in order to contribute to the sustainable development and to the protection of the environment.

10. Perfect weather for perfect vacations

The coastal regions of Morocco are repeatedly showered with the sun’s rays. Especially Agadir, the premium resort town of the country, offers almost a whole year of clear, blue, sunny sky with warm temperature and gentle breezes. Thanks to this mild climate Paradis Plage is the best place for outdoor activities such as swimming in the sea, surfing, outdoor yoga and trekking on the mountain.

The spectacular and unique beauty of Morocco, the welcoming atmosphere of the Agadir region combined with the great facilities of the Paradis Plage Surf Yoga & Spa Resort creates the best destination for all kind of travellers, promising once in a lifetime experiences.